ML35-2LD125.85-250 machine for laser precision cutting and difficult pattern cutting

New series of lamp-pumped laser cutting machines with linear motor-driven positioning gantry stage of own manufacture was launched in 2007. The series comprises the latest achievements of laser engineering and the 20-year experience of its manufacturer Lasers and Apparatus TM Scientific and Production Centre in the field of design, production and maintenance of hundreds of laser systems used by Russian companies of different profiles.

Operation description:

A workpiece or a metal sheet is fixed on a workpiece stage in the machine work zone. The gantry accommodating the laser emitter moves by means of two linear synchronous motors along the Y axis over the metal sheet or the workpiece. Linear X-axis drive of the gantry moves the carriage with the Z-axis drive and the optical cutting head along the X axis. X-travel is 1 250 mm, Y-travel is 850 mm, 1 250 mm, 1 500 mm or 2 500 mm. Z positioning stage with the optical cutting head is moved by a stepper or servo motor. The use of linear synchronous motor drives enables to considerably increase the machine reliability, to improve technical capabilities and production capacity and to achieve higher quality of machining.

Laser beams are generated by a pulse lamp-pumped ?d:??G laser with improved spatial parameters and the output power of 300 to 500 W. Such laser parameters as output density, pulse repetition rate and duration have a wide range of adjustment, which provides excellent quality of processing.

Capacitance sensor and a microprocessor-based visual monitoring system of the cutting head provide automatic regulation of the clearance between the protective nozzle of the cutter and the workpiece during the cut.

The machine has an automatic supply system of air, oxygen and assist and protective gases to the work zone, which protects the focusing optics and improves the quality of cutting.

ML35 machines have:

  • Components from the worlds leading suppliers: AEROTECH (CNC controllers); HIWIN (ball-bearing guides); RENISUAW (contactless encoders); CAMOZZI (pneumatic system components); IGUS (cable-carriers)
  • Patented linear motors and highly durable lasers of own manufacture
  • Design solutions that suit ergonomic requirements, offer extra functions through the use of options and modernization of the machine modules, ensure excellent durability with minimum maintenance service
Positioning system parametersValues
Maximum X-Y-Z travel1250 mm (850 mm 2500 mm) 150 mm
X,Y-axis positioning accuracy40 micrometers
Repetition10 micrometers
Maximum contour cutting speed along X,Y axes
working speed/ with acceleration50/500 mm per second
X,Y axes drivelinear
Z-axis drivestepper
Focusing optical system parametersValues
Lens focal length64, 100
Lenses operating wavelength range1.061.08 micrometers
Size of the focused laser spot in the work zone0.1-0.2 mm
Lens autofocusingCapacitance sensor
Laser parametersValues
Pulse lamp-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Laser radiation wavelength1.064 micrometers
Average output powerUp to 350 W (Option up to 500 W)
Pulse repetition rate30-200 Hz
Adjustment range for pulse duration0.4 2.0 milliseconds
Durability standardsValues
Permissible time of continuous usageNot less than 16 hours
Average service lifeNot less than 20000 hours
Warranty period1 year
Life until discardedNot less than 10 years
Durability standardsValues
Permissible time of continuous usageNot less than 16 hours
Average service lifeNot less than 20000 hours
Warranty period1 year
Life until discardedNot less than 10 years
Machine dimensions and weightValues
WeightNot more than 800 kg
Dimensions2000 mm (1500 mm -3500 mm) 1700 mm
Power supply and energy consumption(Four-wire power network (3+N+PE) 220/380 V, 50 Hz. Power quality must comply with GOST 13109-97 state requirements)
Input powerNot more than 15.0 kW
Earthing network (PE), earthing bar diameterNot less than 10 mm2


The machine control is maintained via CNC-system installed on an IBM PC compatible computer. Virtual CNC-controller AEROTECH A-3200 and real-time operating system OS RTX supporting modern multi-core processors ensure quick and accurate fulfillment of work. The system software enables to download, edit, save and fulfill job-files, to set and memorize job parameters, to carry out the system control and self-diagnostic tests during the machine operation. Work drawings can be prepared in most graphics programmes (CAD, Corel-Draw, Kompas and many others) in the form of DXF files.


Assembled laser cutting machine ML35-2-LD125.85-250 that includes:

  • Gantry with the workpiece stage
  • Linear motor X,Y positioning stage
  • Laser
  • Z-axis drive for the cutting head vertical travel equipped with the visual monitoring system
  • Cutter with the contactless capacitance sensor of the monitoring system
  • Pneumatic gas system
  • Power supply unit, cooling system and control unit
  • Control computer (IBM PC) with appropriate software
  • Set of spare parts, tools and accessories
  • Technical documentation (technical certificate, specifications and operation manual, set of relevant schemes and drawings, technical documentation for input blocks, CD with software and drivers)
  • The package


  • Protective frame

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Made in Zelenograd

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