Feature-rich laser welding and dimensional machining system of ML4 series



  • Manual and automatic welding of steel and stainless steel, kovar, titanium, high-melting, non-ferrous and other metals and alloys
  • Available weld seams: linear, figure (according to a customers 2D drawing), ring (on the optional rotary arrangement). Standard thickness of welded materials 0.12 mm
  • Dimensional machining of a wide range of materials. Cutting, engraving and marking of metals, piercing and cutting of polycor, ceramics, glass-ceramics and other non-metals
Sheet thickness:ML4-1ML4-2
steel (including stainless steel)Up to 2-3mmUp to 4 mm
brass, copperUp to 1 mmUp to 2 mm
aluminumUp to 2 mmUp to 3.0 mm
polycor (ceramics)Up to 1.5 - 2 mmUp to 2 - 3 mm
1.5 mm steel cutting speedUp to 3-4 mm per secondnot less than 6 mm per second
Engraving - up to 0.2 0.3 mm deep--
Operation description

A workpiece is fixed on a X-Y stage and moves relative to a stable laser spot in the X-Y plane. The objective lens moves vertically in the Z-plane in the similar way. Monitoring of the work zone is maintained by means of a TV-camera and a TV-monitor. Neutral gas or air is automatically delivered to the work zone. Laser pulse energy, repetition rate, duration and shape have a wide range of adjustment, which allows to choose an appropriate mode of operation and achieve high quality processing. The machine is controlled via a manual control unit and a PC


Machine systems requirements
SystemsBasic requirements
Supporting frame accommodating the working chamberVibration-resistant rectangular parallelepiped-shaped frame made of firmly joined 80-100 mm steel tubes. The emitter, optical system and X-Y stage are situated on the opposite horizontal facets of the parallelepiped. Protective working chamber equipped with a sliding door and protection window, lighting and blocking systems provide class I laser safety.
LaserNd:YAG pulse lamp-pumped laser with divided metal-ceramic laser heads and a built-in semiconductor pilot laser. Movable resonator mirrors allow to change resonators length, cavity end mirror curve radius and mode structure of laser radiation.
Optical system responsible for laser beam transmission and spot shapingModules with adjustable mirrors which provide horizontal reflection of laser beams and their vertical transmission. Telescope with the set of focusing lenses.
Visual control systemTV observation system with monitor. Emitter of electrical signals - synchronized with vertical and horizontal scanning signals - which form a cross mark on the monitor screen and control its coordinate position.
Optical cutterCutter head accommodating the mechanism of focusing lens travel along the optical axis, gas nozzles, mechanism of nozzles alignment perpendicular to the optical axis, protective windows.
Options: capacitance sensor and microprocessor-based control system, which regulates the distance between the cutter protective nozzle and a metal workpiece during the cut.
Positioning systemPrecision X-Y stage with horizontal travel, Z-drive for vertical travel of the focusing lens (cutter)
Pneumatic systemElectric valves, filter regulators, nozzles, quick detachable connectors and hoses for supplying gases to the work zone.
Power supply unit, cooling and control systemsPower supply and control units of function modules.
Thermostable cooling system of water-water type SO6000 (12000)
Control units and PCManual control unit. Pedal. Power indicator. PC.
Software packageDownloading, processing and fulfillment of job-files; technical parameters setting and memorizing; system control and self-diagnosis.
PackingTransportation by any means of transport.
Positioning system
Maximum X,Y travel400 mm 300 mm
Z travel of the lens0 - 250 mm
Positioning accuracy20- 30 micrometers
Maximum stage speed-
-during contour cuttingup to 15 mm per second
-when travellingup to 70 mm per second
Focal length100, 64 mm
Laser spot size in the work zone150-2000
Laser parameters
Laser typeNd:YAG pulse laser
Radiation wavelength1.064 micrometers
Average output power:-
ML4-1up to 150 W
ML4-2up to 300 W
Pulse repetition rate1 160 Hz
Pulse duration adjustability range0.2 20.0 milliseconds
Pulse shape (regulated by changing the amplitude)50 micrometers
System Control

The machine control is maintained via a manual switching and control unit or a PC. Operation in the automatic mode is also available.

The system software enables to download, process and fulfill job-files (work drawing + technical parameters of the laser and positioning stages). The software is capable of setting and memorizing the job technical parameters, carrying out the system control and self-diagnosis tests during operation and allows to monitor the welding process on the TV-monitor screen. Work drawings can be downloaded in HPGL-compatible format of PLT, DXF or BMP files created in any graphics software (CAD, Corel-Draw, Kompas and many others).

Input power
ML4-1not exceeding 7 KW
ML4-2not exceeding 15 KW


  • 2200 mm / 800 mm / 1400 mm (width/depth/height)


  • not exceeding 500 kg

Facility requirements (power supply, cooling, ventilation and etc.):

  • Mains supply 3x380 V10%, 50 Hz, up to 15 kVA (ML4-2)
  • Water mains or recirculated water for cooling (3.5 atmospheres, up to 10 liters per minute (ML4-1), up to 20 liters per minute (ML4-2), free-flow discharge through the drain funnel
  • Dry compressed air network with the pressure of 0.2 to 0.6 MPa (oil-free, pollution not exceeding Grade 4 according to GOST 17433-80 state requirements). Argon, nitrogen and other gases in accordance with the technology)
  • Air funnel with the end pressure of 66 kPa (500 mm Hg) and the minimum capacity of 160 m3 per hour


Standard package:

  • Supporting frame accommodating the working chamber
  • Laser
  • Optical system responsible for laser beam transmission and spot shaping
  • Visual control system
  • Optical cutter
  • Positioning system
  • Pneumatic system
  • Power supply unit, cooling and control systems
  • Control units and PC
  • Software package


  • Rotation mechanism with the control unit

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