ML5-3 series machines work in a fully automatic (computer-controlled) mode, which allows faster trimming.

Multi-channel measurements are done with the help of multiplexers and multi-probe cassettes (array of quick-swap cassettes optimized for measuring hybrid integrated circuits (HIS) or substrates with regular chip-resistors).

Laser spot positioning and trimming is done on a precision XY positioning system (two-axis galvanometer scanner). The substrate is fixed on a computer-controlled workpiece stage. A multi-probe cassette is placed on a precision micro lift.

The machine is equipped with a new generation Ytterbium fiber laser.

Measurements are done with the aid of Digital Measuring System accommodating a multiplexer, 14-bit analogue-to-digital converter and a digital signal processor.

Software is compatible with Windows XP and ensures proper measuring and trimming. The software enables to download, process and fulfill job files, which contain such parameters as target resistor values and dimensional tolerance, laser and scanner technical parameters. The software prints-out a trimming report and controls an overall operation of the system.

The machine allows to manually align a substrate with the laser spot.


  • Vibration-resistant frame accommodating the positioning system, workpiece stage, probes and laser emitter
  • Workpiece stage allowing proper alignment and fixation of a substrate (workpiece or hybrid integrated circuit)
  • Optical system with galvanometer scanner and TV monitoring camera
  • Ytterbium fiber diode-pumped laser
  • Computer-controlled Y-positioning system and Z-lift
  • Power supply units for the machine and the machine drives
  • Multi-channel Digital Measuring System with a multiplexer
  • Set of probe cassettes and extra probes
  • Control computer with LCD monitor
  • Adjustable multi-channel lighting system
  • ML53 software (application programme for automatic precision trimming)
  • Set of spare parts, tools and accessories and technical documentation


End item parameters
Resistance range of trimmed resistors1.0107 ohm
Permissible trim accuracy Rx, %:-
in the range 1.09.99 ohm[0.1+0.02(R/Rx-1)] %
in the range 109,99?104 ohm[0.1+0.005(R/Rx-1)] %
in the range 11059,99?105 ohm[0.1+0.01(R/Rx-1)] %
in the range 11069,99106 ohm[0.3+0.02(R/Rx-1)] %
Allowable measurement accuracy in case of input power fluctuations by 10 % from the normal value.Not exceeding permissible trim accuracy value of the appropriate resistance range
Maximum trim area (maximum substrate size)up to 6050 mm
Laser beam linear speed (for f=160 mm), min/max0.01400 mm/sec
Normal speed of trimming and viewing0.1100 mm/sec
Step width (for f=160 mm)1.0 micrometer
Automatic trim geometry (trim path)I, L, J, W
Digital Measuring System Parameters
Analogue-digital converter capacity14 bits
Input signal range (switchable)10 V 0.15625 V
Input typesdifferential
Number of multiplexer inputs24, 48 or 96
Maximum conversion frequency400 KHz
Integral and differential non-linearitymax 1.5
Optical system parameters
Focal distance of the basic optical objective160 mm
Laser beam spot size in the trim area20-40 micrometers (depending on the material)
Laser emitter parameters
Laser typeYtterbium fiber
Radiation wavelength1.06-1.07 micrometers
Output power0.110 W
Modulation frequency20 50 KHz

Software enables:

  • to prepare, download and edit trim job files
  • to save trim job files and trim results
  • to set and change technical parameters and the sequence of processing
  • to prepare trim reports of the required design

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