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MLD-09 Multifunctional Laser Driver


  • Feeding and cooling powerful diode laser slides


  • Research of semiconducting lasers
  • Degradation laser testing
  • Laboratory laser devices
  • Industrial laser devices

At the customer's request MLD09 is delivered in a set with laser ruler of the firm LIMO, having the following main characteristics:

  • emission power - 30 W
  • wave length - 808, 940 and 970 nm
  • operating current - up to 50A
  • operating voltage - 1.85 W
  • optical efficiency - joint SMA
  • optical fibre diameters for emission lead-in - 200 and 400 mkm
  • operating temperature range: 20-30 oC
Brief Descreption of the Driver MLD-09

The device maintains providing temperature.

Main technical characteristics:
Parameter nameUnits of measurementParameter values
Operating mode-Continuous, impulsive
Quantity of hooked up laser modulespc1
Maximum laser voltageV1.85
Maximum laser currentA50
Current pulsation coefficient, not more than%1
Minimal pulse durationmcs100
Impulse front duration, not more thanmcs50
Impulse drop duration, not more thanmcs20
Laser operating temperature range°C+20...+30
Stability of maintaining laser foot temperature, not more than°C0.2
Power line voltageV220
Consumed power, not more thanW500

Additional functions:

  • Time meter of the laser operation
  • Laser operation memory
  • Laser protection from overheating
  • Blocking non-provided switching on the device
  • Alarm and protection system on the laser breaking and short circuit
  • Device protection from current excess
  • Protection from reverse polarity overshoot during operation

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