In is designed for prolonged uninterrupted monitoring of patients life signs and monitors and registers the following parameters:

  • Heart activity (ECG/PR)
  • Pulse oximetry, periphera blood flow (PPG), arterial blood oxygenation (SpO2), pulse rate
  • Non-invasive arterial blood pressure (NIBP)
  • Temperature (T): skin and cavity (2 channels)
  • Breathing by impedance (BR/Respirogram)
  • Hypoxia level (ischemia) of myocardium (ST-segment analysis)
  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring (2 channels, optional)
  • Capnography/breathing (breathing rate, capnogramm, EtCO2, FiCO2)
  • EtO2, FiO2, oximetry curve, monitoring of nitrous oxide with the use of capnometry module (optional) or anesthetic gasses monitoring (*optional, supplied on special order)

General feautres:

  • device registration certificate (medical technical equipment)
  • certificates: of Gosstandart of Russia (GOST R 50267.49-2004; GOST R 50267.0 analogue of IEC 601-1-88; GOST R 50267.49 analogue of IEC 60601-2-49-2001), certificate of approval of type of measuring instrument (the device is listed in State registry of measuring instruments);
  • bility to connect the device to a local network (up to 32 patient monitors connected to a central station with single-screen data viewing for all monitors)
  • automatic device recognition upon connection to CMN Triton
  • language of the interface, users and service manuals Russian (English available on special order)
  • special consumables, measuring modes for high-quality monitoring of children and newborns (also separate NIBP cuff overpressure limits for each patinient age group adults, children, newborns)

Device advantages:

  • New non-invasive arterial blood pressure measurement technology Unicuff
  • method of measurement: oscilloscopic combined (UNICUFF technology) with preliminary measurements performed in compression phase
  • high measurement precision under various clinical conditions (arrhythmias, low pulse fullness)
  • low measurement time (20-30 sec)
  • minimal hemodynamics influence and patient comfort
  • measurement stability and ability to refine the measurement in the same cycle
  • SpO2 and ECG modules with enhanced calculation algorithms, high artifact stability
  • color display 10.4 inches with 800*600 resolution (VGA). High-contrast display, wide viewing angle
  • Optionally: 12.1 inches TFT display with 800*600 resolution (SVGA). High-contrast display, wide viewing angle
  • two temperature measurement channels for convenience of patient condition control. Ability to monitor temperature differential
  • Care Lite intellectual text messages system for user (in Russian language)
  • adjustable display, Top-DIGIT large font mode
  • original consumables from monitor producer (SpO2, Temperature sensors, ECG cables)
  • high quality confirmed by the quality management system certificate in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000 standard (TUV CERT)

Capnography channel:

  • laser spectrometry method is used (Unicap TM technology) , which removes the need to calibrate the capnograph with standard gases effective sample dehumidifying system
  • Sample flow tube self-cleaning regime
  • Automatic measurement results correction if nitrous oxide is present
  • Measurement range 0-15% (0-115 mmHg)
  • Display modes: concentration in % or partial pressure in mmHg
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.2 % in the 0-5% range, 0.4% in the 5-10% range
  • Breathing rate 0-160 per minute
  • Displays capnogramm, EtCO2, FiCO2 breathing rate on the screen
  • Adjustable alarms of high and low levels of EtCO2, and high level of FiCO2

ECG channel:

  • monitored leads I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF
  • user-selectable combination of ECG leads for monitoring;
  • 6 or 7 monitored channels (user selectable), including viewing of 3 ECG waveforms (cardiogram 3 waveforms) and cardiorhythmogram (*optional BCP analysis, 2 waveforms: cardiorhythmogram, cardiointervals distribution histogram)
  • enlarged cardiogram viewing mode for viewing larger size single-lead cardiogram
  • waveform fragement recording in automatic or manual mode
  • Heart Rate measurement range............................ 15 - 320 1/min
  • measurement precision and resolution..1 beats/min, 1 beats/min
  • display of numerical values of HR and ST-segment
  • ST-segment displacement indication for each lead with 0,1mm resolution
  • manual selection of cardiosignal enhancement coefficient
  • selectable sweep speed: 12,5; 25; 50 mm/sec.
  • ability to use in simultaneously with defibrillator and electrocoagulator
  • recording of 30 waveform fragments at the length of 10 seconds each, automatic and manual recording modes
  • arrhythmia analysis; text message
  • oxicardiorespirogramm (optional)
  • automatic pacemaker detection, automatic HR correction mode if pacemaker impulses are detected
  • cardiointervalogram registration (optional)
  • cardiointervals histogram display (optiona)
  • cable for 6-lead ECG monitoring (in standard supply set)
  • cable for 12-lead ECG monitoring, including selectable chest lead (optional, supplied on special order for 12-lead ECG module

Pulse oximetry channel:

  • pulse rate display, SpO2, peripheral perfusion level
  • photoplethismogram, automatic PPG scaling
  • SpO2 measurement range from 0 % to 100 %
  • SpO2 measurements accuracy.. 2%
  • PR measurement range: 15 to20 beats/min.; resolution 1 beats/min.
  • error limit for PR measurements int the give PR ranges: 15-99 .. no more than 1 beats/min.;100-220 .. no more than 2 beats/min; 220-320 .. no more than 3 beats/min

Tonometry channel (measurement of non-invasive blood pressure):

  • method of measurement: oscilloscopic combined (Unicuff technology) with preliminary measurements performed in compression phase;
  • numerical pressure values displayed: systolic, diastolic and median pressure;
  • pressure measurement range: 0-300 mm Hg;
  • pressure measurements accuracy (in the cuff) 1mm Hg;
  • absolute measurement error: not above 3 mm Hg over the whole measurement range;
  • time to measure: adult mode: not above 30 seconds, child mode not above 25 seconds;
  • NIBP measurement cycles: manual, automatic, uninterrupted.
  • user-adjustable measurements frequency from 1 minute
  • automatic NIBP measurement cycle frequency adjustment: from 1 to 99 minutes with 1-minute resolution, user adjustable;
  • user can save own measurement mode in the module settings (optional)
  • measurement modes: child (neonatal) adult, limited maximum overpressure mode;
  • user-created mode, where user sets range and maximum cuff overpressure (for user mode (created by user) (optional)

Breathing (Respiration) parameters measuring channel:

  • measurements method: impedance
  • breathing waveform is displayed in the range from 0 to 200 1/min
  • respirogram shows at least 3 complete (inhalation-exhalation) breathing cycles
  • Breathing Rate measurement range: .................... 0 - 160 1/min
  • Accuracy of BR measurements .. 2 breath per minute

Thermometry channel (2 channels skin and cavity temperature):

  • measurement method thermoresistor
  • measurement range: 0- 45 degree Centigrade
  • numeric temperature values displayed in the range of 20..45 degree Centigrade
  • absolute measurement error: not above 0,1 degree Centigrade in the range of 20..43 degree Centigrade
  • sensor types: skin, cavity

Invasive blood pressure measurement channel (optional):

  • two independent channels, optionally
  • numerical values of the IBP measurement results displayed: systolic, diastolic, median pressure
  • measurement range: -50-300 mm Hg
  • absolute measurement error: not above 3 mm Hg
  • resolution: 1 mm Hg
  • pulsation frequency measurements (by the IBP waveform) in the range of: 12-300 1/min
  • simultaneous measurement and waveform display for 2 channels

Data recording and working with CMN Triton:

  • ability to connect the device to a local monitoring network (up to 32 patient monitors connected to a central station with single-screen data viewing for all monitors)
  • ability to view saved trends and waveforms and print them out in convenient format of the standard anesthesia card, if the device is connected in the centralized monitoring network Triton
  • ability to connect an external (additional) display

Thermoprinter (optional):

  • thermoprinting with resolution no less than 200 dots/inch
  • data printing: waveforms, tables, trends
  • printing speed: 25-50 mm/sec
  • 3 waveforms can be printed simultaneously
  • paper breadth: 50 mm

Alarms system:

  • 3-tier alarms with visual and audio alarm signals
  • background color backlight dependent on alarm priority and parameter
  • 10 levels of audio signals volume
  • audio alarms can be temporarily disabled for 2 minutes with a single button click with countdown on display
  • smart alarm text messages system inform the user about alarm condition in the Russian language
  • adjustable alarms: HR, SpO2, PR, , SysAD, DiaAD, BR, ST-segment displacement
  • non-adjustable cause alarms: asystolia, extrasystolia, pressure measurement error, SpO2 , sensors removal; SpO2 sensor malfunction, SpO2 not connected to the device, low ECG voltage, low PPG signal, low NIBP signal, no breathing, line disconnected, electrode removed, low battery charge

Data storage:

  • integrated graphic and numerical trends for 96 seconds with 15 seconds data saving interval with display at 1 minute resolution
  • table trends for 96 hours with 1 minute resolution
  • oxicardiorespirogramm trend (OCRG, optional)
  • trends are displayed as separate tendency graphs of different colors for each monitored parameter and for alarms or in table form
  • all graphs are shown on a single field with real time reference grid
  • user can choose which trends to display
  • data recorded with one minute resolution and allows to view data for any moment both in table and in graphic forms, due to advanced data integration processes utilized in the device
  • standard memory volume is for 96 hours trends with 1 minute resolution
  • recording mode - automatic
  • date and time can be viewed for each bit of data
  • energy-independent memory data preservation for 300 hours after complete power supply loss;
  • graphic trends are displayed on the screen in the following intervals: 1.5; 3; 6; 12; 24; 48; 96 hours
  • automatic trend recording mode

Recorded trends:

  • HR, PR
  • SpO2
  • NIBP
  • IBP (if invasive blood pressure measurement option is included in the device)
  • Temperature (2 channels and temperature differential)
  • Peripheral perfusion (perfusion level)
  • BR
  • ST-segment displacement size

Recording and viewing waveform fragments:

  • The device can record 30 waveform fragments of 10 seconds each. Two recording modes available: automatic and manual


  • color TFT with active backlight (can be used in low-light environment, car, helicopter cabin) VGA quality
  • display size: 10,4 inches (26 cm)
  • Optionally: 12.1 inches TFT display with 800*600 resolution (SVGA). High-contrast display, wide viewing angle

User interface:

  • at least 5 waveforms can be simultaneously displayed on the screen; including 3 ECG waveforms simultaneously
  • numerical values display no less than 8 (NIBP (3), temperature (2), HR, SpO2, BR)
  • Top DigitTM large font mode
  • display resolution: no less than 640x480 pixels
  • PR audio indication
  • complex three-tier alarm system with visual and audio alarm signals
  • CareTM Lite expert system intellectual text message and help
  • shuttle manipulator for fast and easy control of the device
  • printing interface and previewing of saved trends and waveforms (optional, requires thermoprinter)

Accessories (basic set):

  • ECG cable, length 3m 1 pcs.
  • set of single-use electrodes (children) - 50 pcs.
  • set of single-use electrodes (adult) - 50 pcs
  • pulse oximetry sensor, adult clamp, cable lengtht no less than 2m - 1 pcs.
  • pulse oximetry sensor for children and neonates, cable length no less than 2m. - 1 pcs.
  • skin temperature sensor with 3 m cable. - 1 pcs.
  • cavity temperature sensor with 3 m cable - 1 pcs.
  • NIBP pressure cuff, reusable, adult - 1 pcs.
  • NIBP pressure cuff, reusable, child 1 pcs
  • NIBP pressure cuff, reusable, neonatal - 1 pcs
  • NIBP channel pneumatic line, length no less than 2m. - 1 pcs
  • power cord with Euro plug - 1 pcs
  • in-built battery (charger is integrated with power supply unit) 1pcs
  • thermo sensitive paper for thermoprinter (roll length no less than 25m) *options (for thermoprinter)
  • thermoprinter);
  • dust cover 1pcs User manual 1psc
  • spare parts set for the period not less than 24 month. 1set

Power supply. Size and weight:

  • the device can run on 220V 10%, 50 Hz alternating current external power supply
  • ability to run on 12/27 V external constant current power supply (optional)
  • he device can be run on the in-built battery for no less than 2 hours, battery automatically recharged when the device is connected to external power supply
  • battery charge level displayed on the screen, audio alarm and text message for low charge level
  • runtime on in-built batter no less than 2 hours; in case of external power loss the device automatically switches to in-built battery power supply without loss of data
  • power consumption: no more than 35VA
  • device and all modules- CF protection class compliant
  • size: (300180230) 2 mm
  • weight: not above 4,9 kg (with in-built battery and power supply unit)

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