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Piezo ceramic ultrasonic transducer MUP-4

MUP-4 is designed as a piezo ceramic bending type vibrator sealed in an aluminum alloy case with flexible leads with one of them connected to the body. The length and the color of the flexible leads may be upon the wish of the customer. The case itself can be silver, black or any other color preferred by the customer.

Principle of operation: the device emits ultrasonic signals and receives the emitted or reflected signals. It can operate separately as a receiver or as a transceiver.

The piezo ceramic ultrasonic transducer is intended to be used as an emitter and receiver for an open-air operation:

  • Remote control systems
  • Obstacle approach indicators for transportation vehicles maneuvering at low speeds (parking control)
  • Security alarm systems
  • Ultrasonic location devices and systems (range meters, leak detectors, level meters etc.)
  • Gas velocity measurement devices


Characteristic, unitReceiver operationEmitter operationTransceiver operation
Operating frequency (kHz)40±140±140±1
Sound pressure level (dB)-106106
Dissipation angle (grad)757575**
Discrimination (mm)888
Detected distance (m)0,3-10-0,3-5 ***
Sensitivity (dB), min-85--85
Capacitance at f = 1 kHz (pF)2800±20%
Insulation resistance at Udc =100V ( M )100
Maximum input voltage at pulse duration of 0.8 ms with 60 ms interval (V)160
Operating temperature range (°C)-30 to +85
Storage temperature range (°C)-40 to +85

* Without the additional adapter

** up to 15 grad with the additional adapter

*** more than 50 m with the additional adapter

Directional diagram

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