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Before release each CCTV camera MVK passes the multistage control over the complicated conditions that allows to guarantee reliability of work of chambers during the long period.

There are 4 basic of a stage of quality assurance on manufacture V:

  • 1 stage quality check of accessories;
  • 2 stage electrotraining of the videomodule and its check on vibrostand;
  • 3 stage check on tightness;
  • 4 stage the control over absence of a moisture inside of the case.

For this reason on CCTVcameras V 5 years of a guarantee are given.

Popularity of equipment MVK among installers and end users is caused by the precise and debugged work of all parts of the circuit participating during from manufacture up to selling and postselling service.

Company "ByteErg" renders all-round technical support to clients and partners on all ruler of equipment MVK - both at a stage of consultation, and at a stage of operation of a product.


Series includes models as follows:

  • Color: MVK -8152 cDV, MVK -8152 c DVI
  • B/W : MVK -8142 ARV, MVK -8142 ARVI

All the cameras are equipped with variable focal Auto Iris Lens .

Video cameras are designed for use in outdoor applications, Auto Iris Lens provides quality picture both in condition of low illumination of object, and in condition of very high illumination.

Features of the series:

  • Up-to- date design;
  • The light and strong case from polycarbonate;
  • high technical characteristics;
  • built-in variable focal Auto Iris Lens with access to adjusting means;
  • IER mode in monochrome cameras prevents from loss of definition in conditions of high illumination;
  • Day/night mode of color cameras increases the sensitivity;
  • direct heating the optical window prevents fogging;
  • it is possible to use IR-projector due to corrected objectives;
  • polarity protection;
  • 5 year warranty;
  • Price - 320 $

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