MVU TM Plasma-PHT ICP compact vacuum plasma etching machine with inductively coupled plasma source.

Selective (reactive-ion, anisotropic orientation dependent) plasma etching of dielectric and metal films.


  • individual processing of substrates up to ø100mm (100×100 mm);
  • reactor with inductively coupled plasma source
  • vacuum pump ultimate pressure 0.0001 Pa;
  • maintaining the stability of the RF discharge in the range of operating pressures of 2…30 Pa;
  • changing the RF bias on the RF substrate holder electrode in the range from 0 to 1000 V
  • regulation and automatic control of the RF power level in the range of 30×200 W;
  • helium cooling of the substrates
  • automated control from the PC;
  • power consumption of less than 3 kW;
  • space occupied by one unit is about 1,5m²

MVU TM Plasma-PHT ICP reactor scheme

MVU TM Plasma-PHT ICP vacuum plasma etching reactor scheme

  • vacuum chamber
  • cooling substrate holder
  • RF generator of 13.56 MHz, 300 W
  • RF generator of 13.56 MHz, 400 W
  • generator to the power load matching controller
  • mechanical pump vacuum system with "E2M40 Pfeiffer" vacuum gauge
  • gas system includes gas flow regulators RWG-10, manual stop valves, pressure regulators, pressure gauges, solenoid valves
  • vacuum chamber water cooling system
  • microprocessor controlled system

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Made in Zelenograd

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