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Maximum stable triggering distance for fire simulators:

  • TP-5 (gasoline): not less than 25 m
  • TP-6 (spirit): not less than 17 m

Triggering time: not more than 3 s

The detectors retain work ability without false Fire signal, when maximum background illumination being not over:

  • from fluorescent lamps 2500 lux
  • from incandescent lamps 250 lux

Current consumption of the detectors, when rated voltage of power supply:

  • in "Wait" mode: not more than 200 A
  • in "Fire" mode: 20 +5 mA
  • Operating voltage: 12 to 29 V
  • Explosion proofness marking: 1Exib IICT6
  • Grade of envelope protection: IP54
  • View angle of the detectors: not less than 50
  • Operating temperature range: -60 to +55
  • Overall dimensions of detectors: not more than 9090105 mm
  • Mass of the detectors: not more than 260 g; mass of SPB: not more than 170 g

In NII Giricond JS Co we have developed a semiconductor IR radiation sensor production technology that has no world analysis. Based on this technology for the first time in Russia a range of multispectral IR flame detectors NABAT for using in common and explosive media has been developed and set in serial production.

NABAT flame detectors are designed to detect inflammation, accompanied with IR radiation from flash point, smoldering and primary phase of the explosion process, and also to alert about spontaneous extinction of gas burners and torches.

The NABAT flame detectors use spectral selection instead of traditional fire detection by low frequency radiation oscillations, which provides enhanced noise immunity, Including noises from shimmering sources of different color and intensity.

Correspondence of the flame detector to the variety of the of the inflammation types, background radiations and external environment is being achieved by according choice of primary and secondary subranges of IR radiation receiver.

The unification of flame detectors is being achieved by using of basic constructions and processing circuits.

  • The ability of flame detectors joint operation with standard control and indication equipment is supported
  • The explosion protection type is spark protected circuit. The explosion protected flame detector is supplied with stabilitronic sparkproof block (SPB)
  • It can also be supplied with compact test lamp for flame detectors' efficiency check

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