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Time synchronization OEM receiver application:

  • Communication station synchronization,
  • WiFi, WiMAX and ets.,
  • Security systems.

The time synchronization OEM receiver NAVIOR?24S can be used as the precision time synchronization source at any time, any place and any weather conditions.

Generated time signals can be relative to UTC SU (Russian national standard) or UTC (world standard) scales.

High accuracy time signals are defined using the navigation satellites signals. GLONASS and GPS navigation systems are supported.

  • 24 channel structure.
  • Compact design (50x75x15 mm, 35 grams).
  • Both GLONASS, GPS and SBAS navigation systems supported.
  • 1PPS signal generator.
  • Current time determination using user defined time scale.
  • Communication with external devices using two RS?232 interfaces. Data transmissions protocols are standard NMEA 0183, RTCM SC-104 v2.2 and extended binary protocol BINR designed by NAVIS to be used specially in navigation equipment.
  • Position averaging-out to provide position fixed operation mode.
  • Fixed position operation mode providing time determination with only one satellite visible.

Time synchronization OEM receiver NAVIOR-24S provides GLONASS and GPS navigation satellites signals searching and tracking.

Precision current time signals generation provided by GLONASS and GPS satellites tracking.

OEM receiver provides external information receiving (navigation complex and over sources).


Universal GLONASS, GPS and SBAS channels24
1PPS signal frequency1 Hz
1PPS impulse durationuser defined
Time precision±100 ns
1PPS start-up time
cold start< 90 s
warm start< 50 s
hot start< 6 s
Dimensions75×50×12 mm
Wight35 g
Power supply voltage3.3 V
Power consumption1.2 W
Operation temperature range:-30 ... +70 °C;
Storage temperature range:-55 ... +85 °C;
Maximum humidity (@ 40°C):98%;
frequency rangeup to 500 Hz
magnitude5 g
Repeated physical shocks15 g


  • Dual 3.3V CMOS level RS-232 interface.
  • Data exchange protocols: IEC1162 (NMEA0183), BINR, RTCM SC 104 v2.2.
  • Data exchange rate: up to 115200 baud.

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