NeoSens Sensors & Testers

Most of the NeoSens sensors can be connected to auxiliary channels (usually labeled as AUX) of KARDi2-NP / KARDi3 (with K3-A1adapter) / FirstAmp / NVX / Vamp / BrainPath or similar amplifiers.

VGASens is connected through TTL trigers (input / output) channels (labeled as Sync) and may be used with EEG amplifiers series NVX or polygraph amplifier KARDi2NP.

TRSens Oro-nasal flow

TRSens a temperature sensor nasal-oral breathing, based on a highly sensitive thermistors, monitors the temperature of the inhaled / exhaled air.

Device is fixed under the nose so that the sensors are placed in the way of the inhaled / exhaled air.

VGASens TTL optical sensor

VGASens - a discrete photometric sensor for registration light level with digital TTL-compatible output "open collector".

VGASens intended for use in systems requiring synchronization of video presentation on the cathode-ray (CRT) or liquid crystal active-matrix (LCD) monitor with other data streams, such as electroencephalogram.

The sensor is attached to the stimulus display screen so that the center spot illumination corresponded to the center of the window sensor.

FPSens Photopletismograf

FpSens is the device for registration of absorption of infra-red invisible radiation in living tissues and is intended for non-invasive transdermal monitoring. Time dependence of permeability (signal) is formed owing to change sphygmic volume peripheral blood flow.

FpSens is applied only to supervision of relative change of amplitude of a signal.

Device is fixed on the finger so that the part of tissue, in which explores the bloodstream, located between the radiation source and a photodetector sensor (preferable to use the middle finger).

GSRSens Galvanic skin resistance

GSRSens converts the conductivity in the voltage and is designed to monitor galvanic skin response (GSR).

Electrodes are attached to the phalanx of the index and middle fingers.

Conductivity is measured by passage a current of small quantities (less than 0.1 mA) through the electrodes.

AXSens Accelerometer

AxSens an accelerometer with variable sensitivity and the ability to select any of the three axes of measurement.

Neurotest7 Signal generator

Nerotest7 - generator of special form signals.

Designed test electroencephalography.

Test signals

1. Rectangular pulses

Device forms a square wave frequency from 0.5 to 99 Hz and an amplitude of 1.25V, 0.63V or 0.31V.

2. Sinusoidal signal

Device generates a sinusoidal signal with frequency from 0.5 to 99 Hz (amplitude of 1.25V, 0.63V or 0.31V)

3. The signals of the special form:

special FORM 1

(roughly corresponds to visual evoked potentials to reversing checkerboard pattern in healthy individuals)

special FORM 2

(roughly corresponds to visual evoked potentials in the flare pattern in healthy individuals)

special FORM 3

(is an alternation of signals Forms 1 and 2)

Signal is generated with a pulse repetition frequency from 0.5 to 1.6 GHz, with a given frequency is forming a new impulse, regardless of whether, over whether the formation of the previous pulse

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