1. In the computer systems that provide data acquisition and processing, such as:

  • systems for monitoring the patient, including during sleep
  • systems with biological feedback (BF)
  • system of psycho-physiological testing
  • system control of operators

2. Research in the biomedical field, as well as being integrated into the software and hardware systems


  • Biomedical wireless amplifier NB-EEG4
  • EEG4 cable
  • MCScap7 (EEG-cap with fixing rings placed according to F3, F4, C3,C4, P3, P4 and GND)
  • NB USB wireless adapter
  • Charger
  • Syringe, 20 ml
  • Needle with a blunted tip
  • EEG gel, 200ml
Hardware specifications
Biomedical wireless amplifier NeuroBelt NB-EEG4 amplifier
Bipolar channels4 channels: F3-C3, C3-P3, F4-C4, C4-P4
Input range300μV
Sample rate122Hz
Frequency range1- 50 Hz (-3dB)
Input noise< 2 V p-p (0,5-30Hz)
Input DC impedancegreater 100 MOhm
InterfaceIEEE 802.15.4. The industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands 2.4 GHz
PowerINTERNAL POWERED: 3.7V, not less 500mAh, Li-ion
Operating modenot less than 10 hours from fully charged battery
Standby timenot less than 100 days
ChargePower line by the miniUSB
NB USB wireless adapter
Computer InterfaceUSB1.1 (USB 2.0), full speed mode, Plug & Play support
Power lineUSB
Voltage+5 V 10%
Maximal current in activeless 100 mA
EEG-recording cap with removable electrodes MCScap 7
Electrode polarization≤ 100 mV
Electrode impedance< 5 kOhm
Weight of electrode5 g 0,5 g
Weight of cap without electrodesmax 100 g
Mean time between failures (MTBF)300 cycles (Cycle refers a measurement, disassembly, washing and disinfection of the EEG-cap, cleaning and disinfection of the electrodes)
Dimensions of enclosure NB-EEG4 amplifier55x35x15 mm
Weight with cablesless 100 gram
Working temperature+10°C+35°C
Storage temperature+5°C...+40°C
Transportation temperature-30°C...+50°C
Humidityup to 97% without condensation
Mechanical resistanceAccording to IEC 60601-1


The product supports standard mode Plug & Play operating system Windows, so if the connection to the computer for the first time, the computer will tell you about the discovery of new hardware. Follow the instructions in "Found New Hardware Wizard". Specify the folder with the system driver, and it will be installed automatically.

If the product is a part of, for example, a computer complex for EEG studies, necessary for the driver and software products are part of the specialized software and can be installed with the included CD.

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