The solution of OCS1 Eth100 is convenient from the point of view of installing the system into already existing net due to flexibility of the technical solutions used in the design of this laser ethernet bridge.

  • OCS1 Eth100 FX with external optical interface can be atmospheric insert into an existing fibre communication line without any additional modifications (passing obstacles) as it is a conveyer of the optical radiation (two fiber 1300 nm, or one fiber 1300/1550 nm).
  • OCS1 Eth100 TX can be a terminal device with external interface 100Base-TX and directly provide connection of two computers or two local area networks.
  • Both OCS Eth100 FX and OCS 1 Eth100 TX can be used to build a long line up to 10 km length with relaying. And equipment in the relay point can be powered only by accumulator without external electrical network.
  • Using OCS1 Eth100 X equipment it is possible create ones own fast local-area wireless network based on star, ring, mesh technologies.

Delivery set

  • Transceiver Optical Unit OU1 with pointing device 2 units;
  • Tooling column with the elements of prealignment 2 units;
  • Optical-electrical converter 2 units;
  • Fiber-optic cable (the length is defined by a customer) 2 units.


Transmission standardsIEEE.802.3/ FastEthernet
Information rate100 Mbps
Transmission methodInfrared emission
Radiation spectral interval800-870nm
Average radiation power100mW
RadiatorSemiconductor laser
Threshold sensitivity at Ber < 10-9-30dBm
Transmission modefull duplex
External interface100Base-FX/Sc1310/1550, 100Base-TX (RJ45/SC)
Link margin for 1 km with a glance to divergence30-40dB
Recommended operating distanceUp to 1500m
Operating regimecontinuous
Time between failuresUp to 100000h
Input power supply220V 10%,50Hz
Accumulator power supply, optional12V
Power consumptionUp to 6W
Operating temperature rangeFrom -50 to+50
Relative air humidityUp to 100%
Interface cable length-100m, FX-20000m
Interface fiber optics cable lengthUp to 100m
ScopeInternet-providing, enterprise customers

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