The laser wireless bridge OCS1/2-E1+Ethernet gives opportunity for reliable wireless connection of an office automatic telephone station or of an outstation (from 120 telephone numbers), DECT-telephony stations and local area data transmission network of an enterprise or an office to a general communication network of an enterprise or communication statement.

Operator reliability of the channel is provided at the distances from 800 to 1000m. The solution can be used in the conditions of compact city planning, while crossing railway or a highway.

Delivery set

  • Transceiver Optical Unit OU1 with pointing device 2 units
  • Tooling column with the elements of prealignment 2 units
  • Optical-electrical converter 2 units
  • Multiplexer NxE1+Eth (N=1-16) 2 units
  • Fiber-optic cable (the length is defined by a customer) 2 units


Transmission standardsG 703.+IEEE802.3/NxE1+FastEthernetG 703.+IEEE802.3/NxE1+FastEthernet
Information rate2-100 Mbps2-100 Mbps
Transmission method Infrared emission Infrared emission
Radiation spectral interval800-870 nm800-870 nm
Average radiation power100 mW75 mW
Transmission modefull duplexfull duplex
External interfaceG703.+FastEth 100Base-TX, (RJ 45)G703.+FastEth 100Base-TX, (RJ 45)
Link margin for 1 km with a glance to divergence25-40 dB22-26dB
Recommended operating distanceUp to 1100mUp to 800
Time between failuresUp to 100000hUp to 100000h
Input power supply220V 10%,50Hz220V 10%,50Hz
Accumulator power supply12V12V
Power consumptionUp to 15WUp to 15W
Interface fiber optics cable lengthUp to 100mUp to 100m
Reserve radio channelnono
ScopeTelecom+internet providingTelecom+internet providing
1+Ethernet flows transmission
Eth+111-1+Eth, 2-1+Eth
Eth+411-FMUX S- 41, 2-FMUX S- 41
Eth+811-FMUX S- 81, 2-FMUX S- 81
Eth+1611-FMUX S- 161, 2-FMUX S- 161

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