OCS1-Ethernet 100 RRC is a laser network bridge with increased reliability and communication range (up to 3000m), a technology of atmosphericoptical channel reservation by means of microwave channel is used in it. Reserve radio channel allows to provide reliability of the system in conditions of thick fog, rain, and heavy snow. Unlike optical channel radio channel is resistant to fog, but its signal is considerably dissolved in the raindrops. Combination of the two communication lines allows to obtain a more reliable data transmitter which works at greater distances and has the same availability coefficient of 0,999. If the task is a reliable data transmission between bank departments, in state structures at the guarded objects, it is convenient to use OCS with a reserve channel. Reserve channel does not require licensing.

Delivery set
Primary optical channel:Reserve channel, 75
Transmit-receive optical module block 2 unitsCombined antenna 2 units
Optoelectronic converter block 2 unitsAccess unit 2 units
Fiber-optics connection cable 2 unitsHigh frequency connection cable 2 unit
Switching control module 2 units


Transmission standardsIEEE.802.3 / FastEthernet
Information rate100 Mbps
Transmission methodInfrared emission
Radiation spectral interval800-870nm
Average radiation power100mW
Transmission modefull duplex
External interface100Base-TX/FX (RJ 45/FC)
Link margin for 1 km with a glance to divergence25-40dB
Recommended operating distanceUp to 3000m
Operating regimecontinuous
Time between failuresUp to 100000h
Input power supply220V 10%,50Hz
Accumulator power supply12V
Power consumptionUp to 60W
Operating temperature rangeFrom -50 Up to+50
Relative air humidityUp to 100%
Interface cable length-100m FX-20000m
Interface fiber optics cable lengthUp to 100m
Reserve radio channelyes
RRC transmission rate10 Mbps
Frequency range75 GHz
ScopeTelecom, Internet-providing, enterprise customers, state organizations, rail transport

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