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Oko-Archive 4Net network video/audio server is a standalone device for long-term recording and further playback of video and sound, as well as for on-line video/audio surveillance over a local network or the Internet.

There are 2 currently manufactured models of the device that differ in recording rate and hard disk capacity:

  • Oko-Archive II 4Net
  • Oko-Archive III 4Net
Main applications

Residential sector:

  • apartments, cottages, villas Ц wherever a simple compact standalone video surveillance system is required
  • entrances of residential houses, elevators Ц to identify persons accessory to theft, robbery or vandalism

Business sector:

  • creation of simple unattended video/audio surveillance systems for small offices, points of sale, shops, pharmacies, warehouses and parking lots

Banking sector:

  • cash machines, where long-term autonomous recording to the hard drive can be performed until there occurs a situation requiring detailed analysis


  • unattended facilities: detached towers, electric power substations, etc. (both with and without an Internet connection) Ц for remote video/audio control and restoration of incidents
  • any major enterprise with a large territory and several buildings connected by a LAN Ц to create large-scale distributed video/audio surveillance systems


  • private vehicles Ц to record insured events
  • public vehicles, such as shuttle buses, busses, trolleybuses and trams
  • long-distance electric trains, commuter trains and subways
  • video surveillance during transportation of hazardous and/or expensive goods

The device records video from 4 cameras and audio from 2 audio sources and transmits it to a PC over LAN or the Internet.

The device records video and audio to the hard drive by schedule, continuously, or according to built-in motion and sound detectors. Recording time depends on the disk capacity and recording mode. At the recording rate of 25 fps and 352х288 pixel resolution, a 40 Gb hard drive may hold video information ranging from 40 hours to a month. A higher capacity hard drive may be installed as an option.

Before installation into the device, the hard drive is easily mounted into a special removable container that preserves the disk from damage and provides reliable connection of the disk inside the device. Additionally, the removable container has a built-in USB 2.0 adapter enabling quick view of recorded data on the hard disk by connecting it to a USB port of any PC. Additional removable containers with or without hard disks are available as a separate purchase.

The device supports colour (PAL) and black-and-white consumer and security cameras, to be purchased separately.

Supported audio sources include consumer or security microphones, line inputs of consumer audio systems, dispatching communication systems, etc. Telephone line recording is also possible using a special adapter, to be purchased separately.

In addition to the built-in motion and sound detectors, automatic recording can be started by external sensors connected to input terminals of the device. Output terminals are used to connect actuators, such as sirens or light alarms, that automatically turn on when built-in detectors or external sensors go off, in order to give alarm on the entire site.

For setup, the device is connected to a network card or a COM port of a PC using special cables included in the set. All settings and previously recorded data on the hard drive, as well as the time of the internal clock, are preserved at power-off.

Once the device is set, it is completely autonomous and does not require a PC connection to perform recording to the internal hard drive.

Oko-Archive 4Net can send SMS to mobile phones in an alarm situation. A GSM modem and a SIM card need to be purchased separately.

Recording to the hard drive eliminates the need for continuous transmission of video information over the LAN. Data is transmitted only during on-line viewing or playback of archived video. This makes it possible to incorporate Oko-Archive 4Net into existing computer networks and comprises its distinguishing advantage over IP cameras and diskless video servers.

Up to 255 devices may be connected to a single LAN, allowing easy creation of distributed video and audio surveillance systems. The device may be accessed from any PC on the network. Unauthorised access is prevented by the internal password system.

A dedicated static IP address is required on the device side to establish an Internet connection with the device. The receiving PC should also be connected to a dedicated Internet channel of at least 200 kbit capacity. Simultaneous data transfer from all video and audio sources requires a 2 Mbit channel to provide the maximum transfer rate.

The device uses special bundled software featuring a friendly user interface, running on Windows 2000/XP.

The device is protected by a tight aluminium enclosure with holes for vertical or horizontal mounting.

The device should be used indoor at the temperatures +5Е+45?C. For outdoor mounting, a heated watertight enclosure must be purchased separately.

Oko-Archive 4Net network video/audio recorder may be connected and set up by any person skilled in computers, local networks and the Internet. Normally, the setup does not take more than 5 minutes.

Distinctive features:

  • compact dimensions and low power consumption
  • wide power supply range
  • simple installation and operation
  • built-in automatic video motion detector
  • built-in automatic audio detector
  • built-in real-time clock
  • supports connection of sensors and actuators
  • supports sending alarm SMS (via an external GSM modem)
  • complete remote control of all modes and parameters over the communication channel

Minimum PC system requirements:

  • Pentium III 700 MHz, 256 Mb RAM, SVGA 32- bit 16 Mb, RS 232 port
  • Windows 2000/XP operating system

Technical specifications
Oko-Archive 4Net modelOko-Archive I 4NetOko-Archive II 4NetOko-Archive III 4Net
Video inputs4 BNC (75 Ohm)
Audio inputs2
Sensor inputs2
Actuator outputs2
Video encoding resolution, pixels352 x 288, 720 x 576
Max. video recording rate (at 352 x 288 px), fps2525100
Max. video recording rate (at 720 x 576 px), fps82030
HDD capacity, Gb4060100
Colour systemPAL
Video compression algorithmH.263+
Photo compression algorithmJPEG
Audio compression algorithmTELP, GSM6.10, а-Law, м-Law
Access channelsLAN, Internet, RS232
Power supply, V6Е16
Power consumption, W8 max8 max10 max
Dimensions, mm190 x 130 x 52

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