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The standalone video surveillance system working over GSM/LAN/Internet offers brand-new functionality: compact audio and video registration with simultaneous remote operation.

Oko-Mobile II is a compact device providing real-time transmission of photo, audio and video information from 4 video cameras and 2 audio sources over GSM. The device also performs simultaneous high-quality recording to the hard drive placed into a removable USB container with hot swapping support. Users can easily playback archived audio and video on any PC without any additional equipment by direct plugging in of the drive container, using only the supplied cable and software.

Depending on selected recording parameters, a 160 Gb drive allows to store from 30 hours to a month of audio/video information. The following recording modes are supported: continuous, scheduled, by built-in motion or sound detectors, by external alarm detector. When a detector goes off, the device: (i) records information to the hard drive; (ii) automatically redials a number or sends an SMS to two assigned phone numbers; and (iii) may trigger an external actuator.

Oko-Mobile II is a standalone system that does not require continuous presence of the operator. Remote monitoring of audio and video from 4 cameras and viewing small audio and video fragments from the archive is done using any PC with an external GSM modem or a mobile phone. However, it is recommended to use a broadband LAN/Internet connection for full setup of the device and playback of larger recorded fragments. Operation through other wireless communication channels is also supported by connecting an external module (WiFi access point, wireless modem, etc.) to the RJ45 port of the device.

Essentially, the device is a ready platform for creating simple, reliable, autonomous and unattended video surveillance and remote monitoring systems. The unique combination of specifications and functionality of Oko-Mobile II provides ample opportunities for application of the device in a creative way.

Exclusive advantages of the system:

  • combination of the functions of a remote GSM surveillance system and a compact audio/video recorder
  • high-quality audio and video recording to a removable drive
  • direct connection of the drive to a PC and viewing the archive without additional equipment
  • simultaneous multi-user operation mode (1 GSM user and up to 4 LAN/Internet users)
  • remote control, monitoring and audio/video playback over GSM/LAN/Internet

Features and advantages:

  • compact size and lightweight
  • low power consumption
  • wide range of power supply voltages (9Ц18 V)
  • removable USB container for the hard drive with hot swapping support
  • built-in audio/video detector for each channel
  • sending alarm SMS to 2 phone numbers
  • connection of external detectors and actuators
  • built-in real-time clock
  • automatic restoration of operating modes after power failure
  • full set ready for operation (software, power supply, GSM antenna, all cables)
  • simple installation and easy operation

Main applications:

  • remote surveillance and audio/video recording at sites not connected to wire communication channels (apartments, cottages, villas, garages, shops, warehouses, offices, elevators, entrances, parking lots, petrol stations, railway crossings, construction sites)
  • remote control of utilities systems: water and gas distribution networks, oil pipelines and viaducts, power and water supply facilities
  • remote surveillance and audio/video recording on motor and electric passenger transport, cars and trucks, freight and passenger trains
  • as a remote mobile quick development video surveillance system

Technical specifications
Video inputs4 (75 Ohm)
Audio inputs2
Sensor inputs2
Actuator outputs2
Communication channelsGSM, LAN, Internet
Video transmission rate over GSM, fps2 (aggregate)
Video transmission rate over LAN, fps50 (aggregate)
Photo and video encoding resolution, pixels176 x 144, 352 x 288, 720 x 576
Video recording rate (aggregate for 2 inputs), fps:
-at 352 x 288 px resolution100
-at 720 x 576 px resolution30
Colour systemPAL
Video compression algorithmH.263+
Photo compression algorithmJPEG
Audio compression algorithmTELP, GSM6.10 а-Law, м-Law
Power supply, V9...18
Power consumption, W20 max
Dimensions, mm190 x 130 x 52

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