OPTIMA - combustion action optimization device

esigned to indicate oxygen content in effluent gases of fuelburn apparatus, to alarm on oxygen increase or decrease according to set values, air with the purpose of combustion optimization and also carbon oxide and hydrocarbons.


  • boiler rooms working on gas fuel
  • Type of device - fixed
  • Operating mode - continuos
  • Operating principle - electrochemical (hard electrolytic sensor)

Main Specifications

Control range of oxygen content, % vol.0 21 % vol.accuracy 0,01 % vol.
Range of oxygen alarm response thresholds, % vol.:set by customer with accuracy 0,1% vol.
deficiencyfrom 0,3 to 7
excessfrom 1 to 9,99
Alarm response threshold at appearance of CO, ppmover 500
Alarm response time, s, not over15
Ambient temperature, °
for +5... +50
for +5... +85
Standard current output, m0 5 4 20set by customer
Level of audible alarm, dB85, not less
Parameters of analyzed gas mixture:
temperature, from 100 to 500
moisture, not over g/m240
dust, not over g/m35
excess pressure, not over, mm H2O200
depressure, not over, mm H2O200
Probe length, mmorcustomized (3,5 kg)
Overall dimension, mm250×62×145 unit (2,0 kg)
Supply voltage, V220
Power consumption, V75


  • relay dry contacts (U=220 V; I=2,5 )
  • standard current outputs, which serve for device connection to boiler room equipment and measurements record
  • low price
  • small size and simplicity of mounting
  • sampling by flow energy without involving flow rate pump and sample preparation unit
  • digital indication
  • light and audible alarm indicating faulty combustion actions
  • easy operating algorithm
  • low maintenance cost
  • does not require State verification

Full fuel combustion can be achieved only at optimal relation of gas and air. Main parameter which serves to control such processes is oxygen concentration in combustion gases.

Delivery set:

OPTIMA, SPTA set, service papers.

For extra charge: cylinders with test gas mixtures, fine adjustment valve (.306249.011), flow rate indicator (.418622.007), PVC tube 41,5, oxygen sensor, blind plug (.713422.005), gasket (.754154.048), gasket (.754162.034), recording device 100- (or similar).

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