Integrated Security System Orion was acknowledged as the best burglary&fire alarm product and prized with national security award ZUBR, as well as Fobos-3 and Egida systems.

All system components are user-programmable, which provides the installation to be flexibly and tailored. In order to transmit detectors and controllers data via system interface various communicating channels, either wired or wireless, with unique and conventional protocols are used. Common software environment makes it possible to realize efficiently intrusion and fire alarm, access control, smoke removal and fire extinguishing, video surveillance, resource (water, gas, heat and energy) consumption metering, air conditioning and so on under a single integrated security system.


  • collection, process handling, transfer, displaying and logging events of the hold-up, intrusion and fire alarm loops states
  • access control and pass point states checking (control of the turnpikes, turnstiles, gates, locks, doors and so on)
  • videowatching and videochecking of secured objects
  • object fire automation control
  • building service systems control


  • module structure that is optimal for both small and very large objects
  • low cost per one loop or one access point
  • protected control panel and detectors exchange protocol
  • microprocessor loops signal analysis to prevent the sabotage
  • opportunity to use the same Proximity card or Touch Memory key for arm/disarm system and access control
  • check and access control over 254 access points (doors, turnpikes, turnstiles, gateways)
  • videowatching , videochecking and registration of the alarm situations
  • automatic fire-extinguish, alerting, smoke removal, air conditioning devices control
  • partition arming/disarming control by several methods.
Methods of partition arming/disarming control:

Stand-alone methods:

  • by keyboard
  • by Touch Memory key
  • by Proximity card
  • by combined method (keyboard and plastic card)

Centralized methods:

  • by S2000 control console
  • by S2000-K Keyboard, S2000-KS console
  • by computer


Zone numberup to 16 000
Partition numberup to 10 000
RS-485 interface devices numberup to 127
Users numberup to 30 000
RS-485 interface line lengthup to 4 000 m
RS-485 interface line length with one S2000-PI repeaterup to 6 000 m


Alarm subsystem

  • separate checking of alarm and tamper contacts in one loop
  • protection of loops from sabotage by tracing the loop resistance leaps in operation threshold ranges
  • protection from false detector alarms by high loop voltage (24 V DC) and digital filtering of industrial frequency, pulse, electrostatic and other EMI pickups
  • automatic alarm reset of the loop power supplied detectors at arming
  • Orion Software duty voice warning on possible alarm loops sabotage (when loop resistance has been changed by the value) at the arming
  • different arming/disarming methods
  • all system events logging
  • zones, partitions, access points, detectors/control panels, readers, videocameras states displaying on the room graphic diagrams
  • setting permissions on security system arming/disarming and access control by programming access levels for staff and visitors
  • flexible duties and AUP administrators rights differentiation by multilevel password system and opportunity to connect biometric access restriction systems for entree to software
  • the script control macrolanguage support that provides opportunity to specify one or set of commands to panels/consols, to executive devices and to system software. The commands can be called by the system event, by the task schedule or by the operator
  • voice alarm notification, reading and playing user voice messages
  • multilevel alarm processing
  • information cards creation about each system element, staff member or visitor
  • protection of system from unauthorized runs of programme by operator
  • independent alarm contact and detector blocking contact checking in one loop
  • absence of restrictions on zones number in partitions

Fire subsystem

  • double detector operation recognition in one loop
  • protection from false alarms by automatic loop supplied detectors reset
  • plugging threshold, address and address-analogue detectors
  • dust, smoke and temperature value measurements and displaying graphical statistics on the computer monitor
  • statistics gathering for fire-protection improvement and technical support organization
  • displaying the detectors and devices placements, and the most smoked sensors, temperature at the monitored points, daily, monthly, and annual statistics on the room plans
  • script programming for automatic extinguish system control and warning

Automatic extinguish subsystem

  • Off-line or centralized fire protection of civil and industrial buildings with one-direction gas, aerosol or powder extinguish?
  • Two fire alarm loops, door sensor, and hand-start sensor circuits states checking
  • Start circuits checking on break and short circuits
  • Automatic extinguish systems starting and operation checking
  • Extinguish systems starting time delay
  • Remote extinguish systems starting by command from S2000 control console
  • Manual local extinguish systems starting
  • Automatic extinguish systems starting when two detectors operation in one or two loops occur
  • Turning on sound and light annunciators (sirens, lightings, etc.)
  • Annunciators circuits checking on break and short circuits
  • Automatic extinguish systems starting blocking when a protected room doors are opened
  • Manual (from S2000-ASPT control panel) or remote (from S2000 control console) automatic extinguish system starting reset
  • Turning on/off automatic extinguish system start by Touch Memory keys or Proximity cards
  • Use S2000-KPB check-start consoles to increase start circuit number
  • Service and warning messages transmitting to S2000 control console
  • Access restriction to controls at front panel by the electromechanical lock
  • Mechanical lock on S-2000ASPT front cover
  • Tamper switch protection
  • Build-in backup battery
  • Checking primary and backup battery power supplies, disconnecting discharged battery
  • Advanced devices diagnostics with troubles displaying on built-in indicators

Access control subsystem

  • control by Touch Memory and Proximity-card readers or PIN-code console
  • centralized and distributive (local) access keys storage
  • antipassback checking
  • time zones
  • nonvolatile calendar
  • staff search
  • working hours accounting
  • available staff reporting at current time
  • low cost per one access point

Video watching and video checking subsystem

  • unlimited video cameras number connected to computers
  • video output to monitor
  • motion detection
  • 'leaven things' detection
  • detector area planning
  • digital zoom of images
  • recording video to computer's hard disk and playing from it. Search by data, time and camera number
  • sound alarm alerting
  • recording pre- and post alarm situations and record time adjustment
  • possibility for remote user place creation
  • possibility for remote pan and tilt camera control
  • 'live 'video. It's comparison at the same screen with image from database activated by access card control
  • integration into ORION security system
  • system reaction to wide spectrum of events: from alarm and access control to remote system arming

Building service system management

  • analogue parameters measurement (temperature, smoke density, humidity, illumination)
  • conditioning, heating, airing, notification, emergence signalizing systems control
  • script programming for building service systems control. The commands can be called by the measurements, by the system events, by the task schedule or by the operator



  • duty security operator automated user place ('Orion software')
  • security service chief automated user place ('NSO software')
  • surveillance automated user place (Inspector+ , 'Goal' and 'Videospider' video systems)
  • 'ARM S2000' workstation software


  • LCD system console S2000
  • LCD system console S2000M
  • LED system console / keypad S2000-KS
  • LCD remote keypad S2000-
  • LED alarm status panel S2000-BI
  • Intrusion and fire alarm panel Signal-20
  • Intrusion and fire alarm panel Signal-20P
  • Intrusion protection and fire alarm panel (address extender) Signal-20P SMD
  • Intrusion and fire alarm panel / one door controller S2000-4
  • 2 readers access controller S2000-2
  • Touch Memory reader Schityvatel-2
  • Proximity card reader S2000-Proxy
  • Proximity card reader S2000-Proxy N
  • Proximity card reader Proxy-2
  • Proximity card reader Proxy-3, Proxy-3M
  • Long-range proximity card reader for parkings Proxy-Long
  • 4 relay outputs module contolled by RS-485 S2000-SP1
  • Address transmitting subsystem: SPI-2000 (Analogue addressable controller S2000-KDL, Addressable expander module S2000-R1, Addressable expander module S2000-R2, 8 zone addressable expander module S2000-R8 )
  • Address detectors and executive devices (Addressable intruder passive infra-red detector S2000-IK, Addressable acoustic glass break detector S2000-ST, Addressable intruder magnet contact detector S2000-SMK, Addressable analogue optical smoke detector DIP-34, Addressable analogue heat detector with temperature measuring S2000-IP, Addressable fire manual callpoint IPR 513-3, 2 relay outputs module contolled by polling loop S2000-SP2 )
  • Extinguish control panel S2000-SPT
  • 6 relay outputs module contolled by RS-485 S2000-PB
  • Control console S2000-PU
  • RS-232/RS-485 Interface converter with galvanic isolation PI-GR
  • RS-232/RS-485 converter with galvanic isolation S2000-PI
  • Speech dialer / communicator S2000-IT
  • Back-up Power Supply units (12 V DC or 24 V DC) RIP

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