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Orwell 2k-R is a Radar surveillance system with automated event processing analytics.


  • Moving targets detection (human, vehicle) within distance up to 1000 meters
  • Determination of distance, azimuth, and radial speed of targets
  • Determination of speed of target
  • Classification of detected targets (main classes include Human, Human group, automobile/vehicle, and unrecognized target)
  • Automatic construction of surveillance area map
  • Low radiation power
  • Data transfer and control interface: Ethernet (optional wireless Ethernet IEEE802.11g)
  • Programmable azimuth scan sector and scanning speed.
  • Integration with PTZ video cameras and thermo cameras


  • Radiolocation map construction for protected territory assessment
  • Connection and calibration of radiolocation and topographic maps
  • Moving target detection
  • Distance, azimuth and target radial speed measurement
  • Target classification
  • Target tracking


  • Guarding of frontier post control.
  • Guarding of runway from animal, human or vehicle intrusion.
  • Guarding with the alarm zones function
  • Monitoring Hydropower plant
  • Guarding of large perimeter

Functional Specification

Radiation modeCoherent pulse or LFM
Observation methodMechanical, control by program
Range, frequencyKu
Human detecting max distance, m
-Pulse mode450
Vehicle detecting max distance, m
-Pulse mode950
Blind zone, m
-Pulse mode40
Protection zone azimuth, degany
Distance detection error, m1.8
Azimuth detection error, deg0.6
Radial speed detection error, m/s0.15
Observation speed1 to 7 RPM (6 to 42 degrees per sec)
Average emitted power, W0.025
Workstation interfaceEthernet, RS-485
Program platformMS Windows XP/Vista
Video camera control interfaceRS-485

Mechanical Specification

External equipment weight, kg17.5
Size, mm
- External equipment505x207x491
MountingFor use on fixed position
Power requirements, Wt100
Power requirements, V220 V/ 50 Hz
Temperature operational range, C-40 to +60

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