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Video surveillance systems of development and manufacture of R&D center źELVEES╗ correspond to high technical characteristics and functionalities and implement the various problems of guarding and the videocontrol of objects of various scale.

System of video surveillance with computer sight Orwell 2k is compatible with Windows 7.

Orwell 2k ľ intelligent solution

The system is designed for around-the-clock security of facilities and objects through automatic detection and recognition of targets (persons, objects and vehicles) and the presentation of real-time video and analysis of emergency situations to the operator.

The principal of Orwell 2k: one facility ľ one operator. In accordance with this principal, even the largest facilities or strategic areas, when equipped with hundreds of cameras, do not require a large staff to oversee security. A single automated workplace (AWP) displays the analysis and video of all security related events of a facility. The operator is not burdened with irrelevant information and is able to oversee and control only security related important situations and make proper decisions in real time.

Orwell 2k Functions

  • Recognition of targets (people, cars, objects left behind, smoke, fire) and other alarming situations in real-time through video and security network analysis is presented to the operator. The video is obtained from fixed cameras, referred to as Master-Cameras. Color, IR or thermal imaging cameras may be used for video analysis and recognition of targets and situations.
  • Automated tracking of targets is performed by rotary cameras, referred to as Slave-Cameras.
  • Detection and identification of targets in real time is archived into the searchable database using simple queries.
  • Binding areas observed by multiple Master-Cameras on a single digital map of the secured facility allows the detection of an object by multiple cameras to be identified as a single object.
  • The Orwell 2k system alarms the operator of specific events by use of text, visually on the video, and through sound.

Analogous to the human eye ľ as Orwell 2k detects a situation occurring, it focuses attention to it by rotating and zooming Slave-Cameras to monitor the situation closely. Situations and targets have many characteristics which are analyzed. The video and associated characteristics are recorded in the archive, searchable by simple queries.

The following parameters are archived:

  • type of target;
  • identification number of target (ID);
  • number of video cameras which identified the target;
  • The date and time of appearance and disappearance of target;
  • photos of the target obtained from the zoomed in Slave-Cameras;
  • video clips of target from prior video analysis.


Objects of various scales: from objects of small-scale business to large strategically important private and state objects.

Certificates, awards

  • Patent on useful model ╣ 36315. System of a safety and monitoring of mobile objects.
  • Patent on useful model ╣ 36912. System of automated surveillance and recognition of objects and situations.
  • Patent on useful model ╣ 47546. Device of the automated control of conditions in auditorium
  • National branch premium on the security ZOUBR-2005. Diploma of the winner in a nomination "The best system in the field of guard video surveillance"

Quantity of video channels capturing video simultaneously4 video channels.
Quantity of multiplexed video channels capturing video16 video channels.
Supported video mode for composite video signalNTSC-M; NTSC-Japan; PAL-B, G, N; PAL-M; SECAM; PAL-60; NTSC (4.43).
InterfacePCI 2,3.
Supported color formatsRGB24, RGB15, YUY2.
Interface maximal frequency33 MHz.
Interface voltage5V; 3.3V.
ADC resolution10 bits.
Integral nonlinearity ADC1 LSB.
Differential nonlinearity ADC1 LSB.
Input impedance27 Ohm.
Storage temperaturefrom +5░Đ to +40░Đ.
Operating temperature rangefrom +5░Đ to +40░Đ.

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