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105523, Russia, Moscow, 16-aya Parkovaya Str., 30, office 319


PCB design and supply

Printed boards of RCM group holding are:

  • PCB design and redesign
  • 1-40 layer PCB
  • flexible and rigid-flexible PCB (including multi-layer)
  • Microvawe PCBs - see also SHF PCBs
  • PCB for LED-applications
  • PCB on metal substrate
  • PCB outline of any shape
  • PCB impedance control testing

Prototypes Manufacturing:

  • level C PCB manufacturing
  • pototypes manufacturing for 7 wds
  • highest quality prototypes manufacturing

Mass production:

  • Mass production of PCB of any level of complexity (levels A, B, C)

PCB Manufacturing cpabilities:

PCB Manufacturing cpabilities:
Max number of layersUp to 40
Max pcb size533,4×609,6 mm
Min PTH size0.1 mm
Foil thickness9, 12, 18, 35, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200 mkm
Min track width (inner layers/outer layers)0,076 mm
Min track spacing (inner layers/outer layers)0.076 mm
Solder Mask
Peelable maskYES
Available colorsgreen, white, red, blue, brown, purple, yellow, black
Special abilitiesBlind and buried vias PCB
Laser drilled microvia
Condictive and non-condictive via filling
High frequency PCB (Rogers)
High Tg PCB
Flexible PCB
Rigid-flexible PCB
Microvawe PCB
Metal Substrate PCB
Free halogen PCB
Different surface finish
Different soldermask colors
Different silkscreen colors
File formatAll formats, Gerber RS274X+Excellon is preffered

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