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Additional services

Additional services, which we can offer to our clients, are:

  • X-ray control of PCB, PCB assembly units and electronic components
  • Placement or removal of BGA, BGA, CSP and other surface mount components with repeatable solder reflow profiles
  • Cleaning of PCBs
  • Testing of Cleanness Quality
  • Adjustment and Programming of PCBA
  • Laser PCB-label making

X-ray control of PCB, PCB assembly units and electronic components

We offer a new service testing of printed-board assembly units on the x-ray control system Phoenix pcba/analyzer 160 KV with nano-focus tube with resolution 0.2mkm.

The testing is aimed to provide nondestructive diagnosis and localization of the following defects:

1. Inner state of semiconducting units

- quality of soldering of connecting wire of die-attach preform;

- gaps between the substrate and the crystal

- gaps in the circuit

2. PCB quality

- quality of PTH plating

- quality of the wires of out and inner layers;

- layer shift;

- Pb-free solder joint inspection

3. Solder joints quality, including microchip in BGA, BGA, Flip Chip CSP

- availability, shift and fillet shape;

- availability and percentage of gaps;

- shorts

4. Electronic components and assembly units testing

Placement or removal of BGA, BGA, CSP and other surface mount components with repeatable solder reflow profiles

The Hakko FR-1418 BGA Rework System is designed for the manual or automatic alignment and placement or removal of BGA, BGA, CSP and other surface mount components with repeatable solder reflow profiles.

  • placement accuracy up to +/- 0.025 mm (0.001 inch)
  • split vision system allows accurate alignment of component to board.
  • board maximum size 356 x 457 mm (14 x 18 inch), board maximum thickness up to 6,5mm
  • able to remove components up to 1.5 inches tall, will accommodate component sizes fr 2.0 mm (0.08 inch) square minimum to 51 mm (2 inch) square maximum
  • forced feeding of hot air provides fast, effective heating and eliminate defects of the board

Cleaning of PCBs

We use up-to-date equipment and materials to carry out PCB cleaning after assembly.

Modular system for PCB cleaning consists of:

  • Powerful ultrasonic cleaning system (tank) with closed loop rinse water filtration
  • Ultrasonic cleaning system (tank) with air bubble agitation
  • tank for finish cleaning with closed loop rinse DI water filtration
  • Hot-air drying system

DI water and modern materials from leading world-wide known producers (Zestron, AIM and others) are used for PCB cleaning.

By the clients request we can work out a workflow for cleaning of PCB assembly units.

PCB cleaning quality testing

Our specialists carry out PCB assembly units cleaning quality control both visually and with the help of express-tests, which check the cleanliness.

For example Zestron Flux Test is used to detect remaining activated flux residues on electrical contact surfaces and components. This test allows to detect remaining flux in few minutes, that allows to estimate climatic reliability soldering joint.

Another test - Zestron ROSIN test besides other possibilities allows to detect remaining

rosin flux.

Adjustment and Programming of PCBA

Our specialists carry out adjustment and programming of assembled PCB units.

For adjustment and programming of assembled PCB units, you need to provide us with:

  • instruction with description of series of actions for programming, made in plain-text form
  • requirements specification
  • PROM programmer
  • software

Laser PCB-label making

Abris company offers laser marking of PCBs.

This service appeared due to our permanent desire for quality control improvement and production identification accountability. We purchased Laser equipment setup.

Laser labeling is one of the most up-to-date technologies of applying images on products of almost any material. Concerning the PCBs, laser can substitute coloring, and that is the optimal decision.

Advantages of laser label are evident: there is no mechanical pressure upon the product, quality of the image is perfect, small size of the image, resistance for physical and chemical exposure and the possibility of making the unique hallmark for every unit.

On demand, various options are available for the marking: it can be bar code, letters, numbers, graphics.

With laser marking on printed circuit boards, you can follow the process of each electronic units manufacturing within the workplace, receive information about when and who worked on it, which is profitable for customer as well, because he can do the same at completion of the electronic unit independently.

Application of laser images can be carried out within the order of PCB or separately and additionally.

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