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  • G.703.1 64 kbps line interface
  • Maximum line attenuation - 10 dB
  • Full duplex mode
  • Data rate doubling capabilities
  • Digital interface V.35/RS-530/RS-449/RS-232/X.21 or Ethernet
  • Two DTE emulation modes
  • Digital, local, and remote loopbacks
  • Integrated BER tester
  • Alarm interface ("dry" relay contacts)
  • 48/60 VDC power
  • Declaration of compliance D-TM-0215

64/M converter is used to convert G.703 64 kbps interface signals into synchronous DTE digital interfaces. The converter can be employed to build a duplex data link using digital trunking equipment.

It allows to connect PCs, routers, terminals, etc. to digital trunking equipment with co-directional 64 kbps interface (G.703.1).

Model 64/M is stand-alone (in the metal case of type Mini).

Devices DC powered 36 to 72 VDC. Possible AC Power Source 176 to 264 VAC from external Power adapter Cronyx AC-DC-48)

Built-in sync/async converter provides connection of various devices to asynchronous ports. Integrated BER tester and remote loopback capabilities allow to test the whole link from a local unit. The capability of enabling external receive and transmit clocks allows to select one of the two DTE emulation modes when you connect the converter to DCE.

PCM64/M converter provides double line rate (128 kbps).

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G.703 64 kbps interface
ConnectorRJ-48 (female 8 pin)
Line codingG.703.1
Line impedance120 Ohm symmetrical (twisted pair)
Receive signal level0 to -10 dB
Transmit path synchronizationfrom internal clock generator (INT)
from receive path (RCV)
from digital interface (EXT)
Digital interface
Data rateAsync 115, 57.6, 38.4, 19.2, 9.6, 4.8, 2.4, 1.2 kbps
Sync 64 or 128 kbps
Timing signalsTXC, RXC, ETC, ERC
Modem signalsDTR, DSR, CTS, RTS, CD
Ethernet Interface
Interface TypeIEEE 802.3 10BASE-T or 100BASE-T (100BASE-TX)
Connector TypeRJ-45 (female)
Data Transfer Rate64, 128 kbps
Mode100 Mbps full duplex
100 Mbps half duplex
10 Mbps full duplex
10 Mbps half duplex
or autonegotiation
Address Table Size15000 MAC addresses
Maximum Packet Size1600 bytes, including MAC header
VLAN SupportIn acc. to IEEE 802.1q
ProtocolsTransparent or Cisco-HDLC bridging IEEE protocol, selected automatically
Alarm interface
ConnectorDB-9 (male)
Relay contacts currentmax. 600 mA
Relay contacts voltagemax. 110V DC
Diagnostics modes
LoopbacksDigital (via digital interface)
Local (via G.703 line at a local unit)
Remote (via G.703 line at a remote unit)
Bit error rate testerEnabled using front panel button
Dimensions180 mm×156 mm×36 mm
Weight0.75 kg
Power Source
DC Power Source36 to 72 VDC
(possible AC Power Source 176 to 264 VAC from Cronyx AC-DC-48)
Power Consumption20 VA Max
Temperature0 to +50 °
Temperature of storing-40 to +85 °
Relative Humidity0 to 80 %, non-condensing

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