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Piezoceramic Beam Gyroscopes BVG-3, BVG-4

Beam vibration gyroscope is designed for measuring the angle velocity of objects. It can be used in the systems operating in conditions of high overloads. The sensitive element in the device is a metallic beam suspended by an elastic membrane to the body of the device. Excitation vibrations of the beam and receiving information about its movement are made by piezo elements. The output signal of the device is a dc voltage, which value is proportional to the measured velocity.

The feature of the device is using new methods of processing the information about beam movements and a new mechanism of damping mechanical shocks. It permits to improve stability of characteristics in conditions of shocks, temperature change and during the life of the device. The device characteristics can be modified at the request of a customer. For instance, it is possible to use one polarity supply voltage from 5 V and higher. Besides the analog output, it is possible to have a digitally coded output signal. The overall dimensions of the device can be reduced by 3 times (with small modification of characteristics).

BVG - 3BVG - 4
Resolution (min)grad/s0.10.1
Conversion ratiomV/(grad/s)13±21±0,15
Angle frequency rangegrad/s±600Plusmn;8000
Zero drift for 30 s, maxgrad/s±0,5-
Supply voltageV±11÷±15,5±11÷±15,5
Mass, maxg100100
Single shockg1000010000
Operating temperature range°C-40+85-40+85

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