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Piezoceramic stack actuators are made by stacking monolithic multilayer elements having alternating ceramic and electrode layers. The axis of the stack is the axis of a linear displacement. When voltage is applied, the thickness of the layer increases. As a result, the total length of the stack increases as well. The stack actuator is a rigid structure having a high capacitance and consisting of a number of piezo layers assembled into a monolithic unit by the sintering method. A small displacement of each layer is summed into a total displacement from several microns to dozen microns with the developed force being from hundreds to thousands Newton.

There are two types of piezoceramic stack actuators design:

  • piezoceramic plates are in the ring-shaped
  • bird piezoceramic plates are in the disc-shaped


  • precise masks alignment in photo and X-ray lithography;
  • precise tool supply in medical equipment;
  • stand displacement for optico-mechanical devices (gas analyzers and dose meters control);
  • beam control in optical fiber devices
  • adaptive optical systems, adaptive telescopes
  • P-1÷P-5 are intended for parallel displacement of optical elements in quantum generators
  • PS-4, PS-5 are used in ring type quantum generators for automatic control of constant optical parameters
  • PS-11÷PS-14 are designed for linear displacement piezoceramic drivers
Characteristic, unitPS-4PS-11PS-12PS-13PS-14P-1P-3P-4P-5
Sensitivity µ/V●10-3, min4.
Insulation resistance (MΩ)
Static capacitance (pF×103), max80000650005200022000170000.0680.0370.0250.037
Maximum rated voltage (V)-300÷+ 500+100+600+600+600+600+600+600+600
Mass (g)
Operating temperature range °C-60÷+85-60÷+65-60÷+65-60÷+65-60÷+65-60÷+85-60÷+85-60÷+85-60÷+85
Dimensions (mm)Ø30×Ø18×5,4Ø20×5,4Ø23×Ø13×5,4Ø20×1,8Ø23×Ø13×1,8Ø30×Ø18×3Ø15×4,2Ø23×Ø13×1,8Ø23×1,8


  • PS-11, PS-12, P-1, P-3 sensitivity is defined in the thickness vibrations mode
  • PS-13, PS-14, P-4, P-5 sensitivity is defined in the radial vibrations mode
  • Sensitivity is measured at U = 400 V
  • PS-4 sensitivity is ± 1,2 m (min) at U = ± 300 V

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