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Device provides generation of continuous and intermittent pulsed magnetic fields ( traveling, rotating, pulsating) differ in configuration, intensity, direction and speed of magnetic field traveling in space.

The device ability to influence at once the large affected areas ( extremities, body) increases magneto- therapy efficiency caused by extensive effect on micro-circulation flow.

Device indications for application:

  • Blood diseases, diseases of hemoBLOOD DISEASES, DISEASES OF hemopoietic organs and immune mechanism related abnormalities
  • Mental and behavioral disorders
  • Mental and behaviour disorders
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Circulatory system diseases
  • Respiratory organs diseases
  • Digestive apparatus diseases
  • Dermal and subcutaneous fat
  • Osteomuscular system and connective tissue diseases
  • Urogenital system diseases
  • Childbirth, poerreral period
  • Children-bearing related non purulent mastitis
  • Changes of lactiferous gland and children-bearing related lactation abnormalities
  • Traumas, poisonings and other external influence related aftereffects
  • Gerontology

The full list of device indications and contra-indications see in POLYMAG-01 device operating manual.

Power supply alternating current mains: 50 Hz, 220V (-10%, +10%) or

230V (-10%, +6%)

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