ProMatrix-4000. Digital X-ray chest survey units based on CCD-camera

Digital fluorographic unit ProMatrix-4000 allows to get images on monitor screen instantly. The important advantage of ProMatrix-4000 is availability of two options to choose from stationary unit and boxes set unit. The boxes set unit allows to operate on-the-fly in non stationary working conditions and to move for next place of investigations rapidly.

Transportable unit is packed in boxes. The boxes are the parts of assembled unit. Time of assembling is not more than 2 hours for two people.

Weight of each box is no more than 80 kg. Minimal width of door for boxes is 670 mm.

Technical specifications of ProMatrix-4000
Patient throughput per hour60patients
Image size390×390mm2
Focal spot1,2×1,2mm2
Tube voltage60÷125kV
Anode voltage accuracy±2%
Dynamic range400
Exposure range1÷125mAs
Spatial resolution in patient plane2.5Lp/mm
Contrast resolution1.5%
at dose per image800µR
in detector plane
Power requirement *)3-phase, 380 VAC±10%, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ohm
Power (short-term maximum)20kW
Dimensions (stationary unit)1950×1350×2200mm
Weight gross(net)1060 (380)kg
ProMatrix-4000 transportable unit (6 boxes set)

*) Energy storage battery and diesel power station are supplied on demand of the customer

Made in Zelenograd

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