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Office 156, building 23, Proezd 4806, 5, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124498


The RUCAP Company formed a small but well-organized and well-balanced team of highly skilled developers. Our team is composed of experts in various areas. Due to that, our team is capable to deliver the projects from an idea on a paper to a serial production. All of our own technologies and solutions have been designed and developed by our team in our laboratories, following the principle of full cycle development. We have started with idea, developed the technology, patented our know-how, created the products, tested in our laboratory and then implemented our solutions in different field of usage and sector of economic.

It is necessary to mention that our main focus and the area of the highest qualification is to set up and deploy ultrasound, implement the patterned technologies in the field of tracking and positioning objects in a space.

If you are interested in our products, solutions and technologies; you have an idea to implement our technology in your projects; do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the opportunity of cooperation.

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