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Mains Voltage, V187 Е 242
Mains Frequency, Hz48 Е 62
Supplied load power, Wup to 9 000
Time of switching from the main power supply to the reserve power supply, ms4
Reserve accumulator battery voltage, V24 (48,60,120,210)
Dimensions, length X height X depth, mm600×625×500
Weight not exceeding, kg85
Maximum number of installed inverters6

The inverter system includes:

  • electronic static switch PES 3000 (PES 7000, PES 9000)
  • power distributor BR-1 (for distribution of energy loads and manual switching to the main power supply)
  • IN series inverters of equal capacity

The stated set of components enables to constantly analyse main power supply parameters by means of Sin (x) enveloping function and quickly switch to the reserve power supply if the main power supply fails. Set of inverters ensures high reliability of the power system, enables system configuration and monitoring via USB interface, allows hot swap adding or replacement of inverters, selection of main power supply type (On-Line/Off-Line modes), helps to control capacity and emit overload messages, synchronize inverters with the mains supply and switch between power supplies keeping the direct component. Price of the system depends on the set of components used.

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Made in Zelenograd

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