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Radar signals compression device

This device is designed to compress FM and LFM radar signals. Main principle of the device the implementation of the convolution operation over the input and reference signal.

The basis of the device are 16 chips 1846PF1T (VLSI cascadable correlation matrix). To expand the flexibility of the device there is a possibility to restart the reference signals from the internal ROM. Structurally the device is a module that consists of two boards connected to each other in the form of book with a single connector. The first board a matched filter, the second the control device. The device is made solely on the domestic element base.

Readings of the input and the reference signal and the input data are complex numbers.

In connection with this transaction reconciliations performed by this device has the form:


  • Re (y (n)) the real component of the result of convolution
  • Im (y (n)) the imaginary component of the result of convolution
  • i (n) cos component samples the input signal
  • q (n) sin component samples the input signal
  • I (m) the coefficients of cos part of the reference signal
  • Q (m) the coefficients of sin component of the reference signal
  • M the length of the reference signal (compression ratio)

Main technical characteristics:

  • Bit depth of the input and reference signal: 4 bits
  • The maximum frequency of calculation of values of convolution: 5 MHz
  • Length of the reference signal (compression ratio): from 16 to 128
  • Number of reloadable reference signals: up to 24
  • Power source voltage: 5 V
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85 C
  • Dimensions: 200×170&tiemes;15 mm

Possible modification of the device in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

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