System comprises:

  • MEKG-NS-02s mobile 2-, 3-, 12-lead ECG monitor
  • Corival bicycle ergometer or Valiant treadmill manufactured by Lode, the Netherlands
  • PC- or laptop-based data processing system

Optional feature: VACUBOY vacuum system for electrode fixing or similar system.

Software Capabilities:

  • Patients data and test data collection
  • ECG and BP readings are simultaneously recorded and downloaded onto PC
  • Availability of a real-time ECG picture, current heart rate, appearing arrhythmias, ST-T segment parameters of average normal QRST complexes, ischemic changes and current parameters of the test (time, stage number, heart rate, arterial blood pressure and others)
  • Alarm signalling in case of dangerous arrhythmias or changes of ST-T segment parameters
  • Obtaining ECG stop flame and saving it with relevant comments on PC
  • All test results including ECG readings are stored on a hard drive
  • After test viewing of ECG readings on a display
  • Printing a complete load test report
  • Compiling and operating a data base of load test reports

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Made in Zelenograd

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