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System on Module with MCU Atmel AT91SAM9263

SBC-9263 is a low-power, system-on-module (SOM) based on Atmel at91sam9263. It is supplied with production-ready Linux 2.6 Board Support Package (BSP). The module is designed in 200-pin SODIMM form-factor with dimensions just 67x47x4 mm.

The module architecture delivers enough performance to design a GUI based industrial controls or multimedia system with sound processing like MP3-players. The SBC-9263 evaluation does not need any special development tools like JTAG or IDE. Atmel supplies free of charge AT91 In-system Programmer (ISP), which provides an open set of tools for programming Atmel AT91SAM ARM Thumb-based microcontrollers. The compiler for Linux is open source and requires no royalties. Our WIKI help system is full of instructions for initial power-up of SOM and describes software development procedures under Linux.

Atmel at91sam9263 MCU brings high resolution GUI to your embedded systems. We supply a few types of industrial displays ready to connect to SBC-9263 based boards. You can watch the ME-MS1000B Development kit with SBC-9263 running the Angstrom Linux demo at our Video gallery.

Technical details :

  • ARM926EJ-S-based MCU AT91SAM9263 @200 MHz
  • 64MB 32bit SDRAM on EBI0
  • 64MB NOR Flash
  • 10/100 Mb Ethernet PHY with RMII
  • 16 bit data bus at SODIMM200
  • 22 bit address bus at SODIMM200
  • External NAND/NOR/CF interface
  • 6-channel audio front-end interface (AC97)
  • USB 2.0 host and device
  • 1 Mbps control area network (CAN)
  • Debug Unit (DBGU)
  • UART0/1 at SODIMM200
  • Two channel 50 Mbps SPI
  • Two channel SDIO interfaces with SDHC support
  • 18 bit TFT/STN interface
  • MCI controller for CMOS
  • Compact form-factor: SODIMM200 (67x46mm)

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