Purpose and range of application

SChRU: Frequency Regulation and Control Cabinets are complete low-voltage control devices for frequency regulation and control by asynchronous electric motors of pumping units, fans, and other technological equipment. SChRUs are equipped with PumpMaster series frequency converters (FCs), designed by LS Industrial Systems in collaboration with STC Drive Technique R&D and adapted for operation in hard Russian climate conditions, and Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700 and FR-A700 series inverters in the 5.5 to 90 kW capacity range.

FRCCs are used in various housing and utilities systems, such as water and heat supply systems of residential, administrative and industrial buildings, in fire extinction systems, steam boiler heating systems, production and technology support systems in chemical and oil industries, for automation, increasing energy efficiency and reducing accident rate.

SChRU options

Delivery sets (except for ) include the following optional items that may be excluded:

  • input voltage control by analogue voltmeter;
  • motor current one phase control by analogue current meter;
  • supply voltage phase verification relay;
  • converter console on the switchboard door;
  • fine-tuning rotary control (model 1);
  • fine-tuning changeover switch (models 2 and 3);
  • fine-tuning electronic regulator (-1-);
  • 24 V power supply for sensor;
  • FC input choke (models 2 and 3 only).

Delivery set

  • control cabinet 1 item
  • cabinet lock key 1 item
  • passport 1 item
  • technical specification and user manual 1 item
  • packaging 1 item

Basic functions and features

  • soft start/stop and rotation frequency regulation of electric motors by FCs;
  • direct-on-line start/stop of the electric motor (models 2 and 3 (M2 and M3));
  • engine circuit breaker for protection of electric motors from short circuit and long-term overload during direct-on-line start (models M2 and M3);
  • automatic switch to protect FC from short-circuit current;
  • motor and FC operation and failure status display on the front panel of the cabinet;
  • LCD and keyboard on the door of the cabinet (model PM-P only)
  • motor start/stop buttons and frequency control (precision potentiometer) on the front panel of the cabinet;
  • telemetry information communication via RS485 interface;
  • pressure sensor control and dry run protection relay control (option);
  • automatic maintenance of technological parameters according to daily schedule (option);
  • phase shift and dropout protection;
  • maintenance of operating temperature inside the cabinet by forced ventilation;
  • imported start protection devices;
  • cable input through cable glands and connection to cable clamps at the bottom of the cabinet;
  • all-metal powder-coated enclosure compliant with IP54 protection level;
  • operating temperature from 10 to +35;
  • overall IP54 protection level.

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