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Solar Modules

Solar Wind was one of the first World Solar companies that started manufacturing of high-efficiency bifacial sensitive Solar Modules.

Presently our company is manufacturing variety of fully assembled Solar Modules in the wide power range from 3 W to 110 W, both one-side and bifacial versions. The company is also producing non-standard, partly assembled or metal mounted Modules by a custom request. All Solar Modules are transparent to IR spectrum.

All our modules combine excellent performance and low price as compared to the similar world manufacturers. Fully assembled Modules are designed to be in active use for 20 years. Guaranteed time is 10 years.

Fully Assembled Modules (series MSW)
1 - hermetic layer
2 - glass
3 - hermetic seal film
4 - solar cells
5 - film protection
6 - frame

Solar Module assembly includes the panel incorporated in the Al-made frame. The panel consists of metal connected PV cells, sandwiched between two hermetic laminators and covered by solid glass. PV panel is protected by the protecting film from the bottom. Output electric fixture is attached to the inner side of the frame and includes diode circuits and output contacts.

Non-Assembled Modules (series LIRA)

Non-Assembled Modules have Solar Cells contained between two layers of laminating films, such as PVB or EVA type. Partial assembly is protected from the top and the bottom by the optically transparent film of PET type, with no extra optical requirements to the bottom one.

Solar Modules
NamePower*, WVoltage, VPV-converters**Freme, mmWeight, kg
1.MSW-6(12)6123x12 1/12 ps125218x304x381,1
2.MSW-12(12)12124x9 1/6 ps125282x421x381,8
3.MSW-24(12)24123x12 1/3 ps125415x552x382,7
4.MSW-38/19(12)38/19124x9 1/2 ps125534x630x384,1
5.MSW-40/20(12)40/20124x9 1/2 ch125600x630x384,6
6.MSW-50/25(12)50/25124x9 ps103450x985x386,0
7.MSW-75/38(12)75/38124x9 ps125550x1185x388,5
8.MSW-80/40(12)80/40124x18 1/2 ch125600x1212x389,2
MSW-80/40(24)80/40244x18 1/2 ch125600x1212x389,2
9.MSW-100/50(12)100/50126x12 ps103676x1326x3810,6
MSW-100/50(24)100/50246x12 ps103676x1326x3810,6
10.MSW-120/60(12)120/60124x9 pr150751x1416x4616,0
11.MSW-120/60(24)120/60244x18 1/2 pr150751x1443x4616,6
12.MSW-150/75(12)150/75126x12 ps125807x1575x4618,0
MSW-150/75(24)150/75246x12 ps125807x1575x4618,0
14.MSW-240/120(12)240/120126x12 pr1751107x1875x4627,0
MSW-240/120(24)240/120246x12 pr1751107x1875x4627,0

* - after slash line the capacity of the rear side of bifacial modules is specified;

** - type of PV-converter (solar cell);

*** - release from the second quarter of 2006

The device of the solar module is presented on the example of MSW-24(12). For the simplicity of figure contact bars are not shown.

1. - photovoltaic converters
2.- tempered glass
3.- laminate
4.- attachment holes
5.- aluminium frame
6.- box for terminals and bypass diodes

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