Single-phase meters SET1

Single-tariff and multi-tariff metering of active energy in single-phase twin-lead alternating current electrical network.

Single-phase meters SET1 are intended for electricity metering in housing and communal sector and can be installed independently or as a part of Automated systems of energy metering.

For the signle-tariff metering SET 1-1:

  • Advanced protection from theft
  • Shockproof and dampproof body

For the multi-tariff metering SET 1-4:

  • 4 tariffs, 12 months, 24 hours a day
  • Power shape with the depth of 64 days
  • Event log
  • Customer restriction function
  • Electronic seal
  • Data storage in the nonvolatile memory for the last 15 months

Three-phase meters SET 3

Single-tariff and multi-tariff metering of active and reactive energy in three- and four- wire alternating current electrical network.

Three-phase meters SET 3 are intended for application on energy facilities, industrial enterprises and in the sphere of housing and communal services.

  • For the single-tariff metering SET 3
  • Active and reactive energy metering in one and two directions
  • Direct and transformer connection
  • Measurement reliability during incorrect input circuits connection
  • For multi-tariff metering SET3 with LCD

Functional capabilities:

  • Digital interfaces: RS485, RS232, PLC, GSM
  • Power shape with the depth of 64 days
  • Energy limits control of customers
  • Event log
  • Electronic seal
  • Extended operating temperature range from 40 up to 55

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