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2 Siemens automatic lines for serial and mass serial pcb assembly

  • EKRA X1 Semi-Automatic stencil Printer
  • Automatic MPM Momentum Stencil Printer
  • Siemens SIPLACE CF modular platform, features a fine pitch Pick-and-Place head and a revolver head combination that provides you with both high accuracy and high speed.
  • Siemens SIPLACE CS modular platform is the ideal solution for flexible high-speed placement
  • Siemens SIPLACE D1 SMT placement machine
  • Siemens SIPLACE D2 SMT placement machine
  • REHM VX 3850 Conveyer Overflow Oven (11 zones) Conveyer Overflow Oven (8 zones, allows to apply Pb free technology)

1 Siemens automatic line for small batch assembly and prototypes assembly

  • EKRA E1 Semi-Automatic stencil Printer
  • Siemens SIPLACE CF modular platform, features a fine pitch Pick-and-Place head and a revolver head combination that provides you with both high accuracy and high speed
  • REHM Conveyer Overflow Oven (5 zones, allows to apply Pb free technology)

All three lines are equipped with automatic pcb unloaders Nutek. Optical control and x-ray testing allow to provide high quality production.

Since 2010 we have new equipment for prototype production of electronic modules:

  • Asscon VP800 oven with vacuum zone
  • Fritsch Place All 510 placement machine
  • Riebesam 23-O3T
  • Fineplacer Core rework system

Placement heads:

  • Collect-and-Place and Compact Revolver head (6 segments)
  • Pick-and Place and Fine-pitch head

Benchmark placement speed:

  • 9,000 cph for Collect-and-Place head
  • 1,800 cph for Pick-and-Place head

Placement Accuracy:

  • ±90 mkm (4?) for Collect-and-Place head
  • ±50 mkm (4?) for Pick-and-Place head

Placement heads:

  • 2 Collect-and-Place and Compact Revolver heads (6 segment)

Benchmark placement speed:

  • 20,000 cph

Placement Accuracy:

  • ± 90 mkm (4?)

For both machines:

  • Range of components: from 01005 to 55.0×55.0 mm
  • Board dimensions: from 50×50 mm to 508×460 mm
  • Board engineering edge width not less than 3mm
  • Board thickness: from 0.5mm to 4.5mm
  • Feeder-track types: trays, tubes, T&R
  • Feeder-tracks capacity: up to 448 tapes (8 mm)

Through hole assembly department:

  • Complex antistatic protection system is the key element among the protective measures undertaken to prevent electronic products from damage caused by static electric discharges
  • The floors in all working areas are covered with antistatic floor coating
  • All work places in the department of manual assembly, as well as work places of programmers and quality control manager are equipped with antistatic devices, furniture and instruments

BGA Rework System

The Hakko FR-1418 BGA Rework System is designed for the manual or automatic alignment and placement or removal of BGA, µBGA, CSP and other surface mount components with repeatable solder reflow profiles.

  • placement accuracy up to +/- 0.025 mm (0.001 inch)
  • split vision system allows accurate alignment of component to board.
  • board maximum size 356 x 457 mm (14 x 18 inch), board maximum thickness up to 6,5mm
  • able to remove components up to 1.5 inches tall, will accommodate component sizes fr 2.0 mm (0.08 inch) square minimum to 51 mm (2 inch) square maximum
  • forced feeding of hot air provides fast, effective heating and eliminate defects of the board

Quality control

During pcb assembly process RCM group holding use different kinds of control:

  • Obligatory visual control
  • Optical control, exercised by automatic optical system Vantage S22, the latest model of Orbotech in its optical control systems series
  • X-ray control, exercised by Phoenix nano-focus pcb analyzer
  • Functional control

Pb free technology

RCM group holding supplies pcb, electronic components as well as provides Pb free technology for pcb assembly.

Using Pb free technology it is possible to apply the following kind of finished coating:

  • Pb- Free HASL :
  • 93,3 Sn - 0,7 Cu
  • 96,5 Sn - 3,5 Ag
  • 96,2 Sn - 3,2 Ag - 0,5 Cu;
  • Cu + OSP (Entek)
  • Electrolytic nickel/Immersion gold
  • Immersion silver
  • Immersion tin

Basic materials used for pcb manufacturing meet the requirements of Pb free technology:

  • glass point is 150 °C and higher
  • brominated epoxides are substituted with phosphorus containing materials

FR-4 laminates with high glass transition temperature (FR-4 Hg Tg). Our company has accumulated positive experience with such materials (mostly, with Tg=170 deg.)

Usage of high technologies in pcb manufacturing allows to reduce possibility of pcb defects during electronic components assembly, which result from increased temperature and time of soldering (in comparison to Pb contained soldering technologies).

RCM group holding possesses equipment, materials and experience, which allows to provide high quality electronic component assembly with Pb free technology.

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