Soft start

Is one of most essential requirements that ensures safe operation and long service life of a 3-phase asynchronous motor. Soft starters not only help to considerably reduce the load on the power network and electric drives during their start and stop, but also extend the equipment service life preventing possible mechanical damage to the moving parts.

Main advantages of asynchronous motor soft starters of A100 series made by OptimElectro:

  • Easy installation and connection
  • Protection against overloads, phase loss, overheating of the soft starter and short circuits
  • Transparent setting of the soft stater parameters via the control panel
  • Jog mode
  • Bypass circuit
  • Setting of a limit value of the starting current
  • Connection to a PC via RS485 Interface
  • Compatible price

Asynchronous electric motor soft starter of UPP A100 series has 2 operating modes, programmable relay (10 functions) and current output from 4 to 20 mA. It compares favorably to soft starters of other suppliers by the ability to monitor the motor operational parameters not only during the motor start but also during the motor work.

Key features of A100 series soft starter:

  • Capacity of the motor used 5.5 500 kW
  • Input voltage 380 V 20%
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Nominal current 11 - 1200 A
  • Time of motor soft start 2 60 seconds
  • Limit values of the starting current 50 500%
  • Soft start modes 5
  • Time of motor soft stop 0 - 60 seconds
  • Protection against overheat, overloads, phase loss, short circuits
  • Warranty 24 months from the date of sale

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