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The tester is designed for terrestrial solar cell incoming/outcoming inspection with the purpose of checking and optimizing parameters and preventing manufacture defects of solar modules.

Solar cells are not heated in process of inspection due to the use of xenon pulse lamp installed in the tester.

The tester is PC controlled and enables to select inspection options ranging from simple check in a particular I-V curve point up to full I-V curve recording and statistical processing of measurement results.

The tester can be involved into automatic testing/sorting station.

Light flux intensity adjustment range, W/m2600 - 1200
Unevenness light flux during one measurement, %1
Uniform illumination field with uneven 1%, mm150×150
Spectrum of lightAM 1.5 class B (IEC 904-9)
Measured voltage range, V-1,5 - +1,5
Voltage measurement accuracy with open circut voltage range 0,5 - 1,0 V±1%
Voltage measurement discreteness, mV0,3
Measured current range, A0 - 8,0
Current measurement accuracy with short circut current range 0,7 - 5,0 A±1%
Current measurement discreteness, mA1,3
Light impulse duration, ms< 10
Supported table temperature, ∞C25±0,5

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