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129626, Russia, Moscow The 3-rd Mytischinskaya, 16


Solar Cells and Arrays of Space Application

Space PV:

  • Activity on PV started in NPP Kvant for spacecrafts in 1957
  • The first PV SA for SC was developed in 1958 (on 3-d artificial earth satellite)
  • For today Kvant developed and manufactured nearly 2000 SA for SC

SA Application by NPP Kvant Developments:

  • Orbital station: Salut, Mir, ISS series
  • Automatic inter-planet spacecrafts: Venus, Mars, Fobos
  • Automatic inter-planet station Venus
  • Moon Rover-1, Moon Rover-2

Kvant Modern Projects in Space PV:

  • ISS: Russian segment consisting of modules Zarya and Zvezda with bifacial sensitivity SC
  • Large GEO platforms (Sesat, Expresses A&AM, Kazsat and other)
  • SC for remote Earth probing and meteorology (Monitor-E, Meteor-3 and others)
Kvant SA General Characteristics
General CharacteristicsMonocrystalline, SiGalnP2-GalnAs-Ge, Tripple-junctionSi, Amorphous
SA specific power under , 25° in the optimum point, JVC, W/m²200~35090-100
SA specific power under , 60° in the optimum point JVC , W/m²165-170~32080-90
Specific mass (on photo-forming part without frame), kg/m²:
mesh substrate1,7-1,851,90,3
honeycomb substrate1,4-1,51,60,3
Degradation of operation current for lifetime, %
10 years GEO~7% Radiation Degradation
10 years LEO2015
10 years elleptical and intermediate orbits2015

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