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Solar Cells and Modules for Different Terrestrial Consumers

PV systems of direct conversion of solar energy into the electrical one are the most perspective among renewable power.

General fields of application:

  • power supply for remote houses
  • agriculture
  • communication
  • navigation signs
  • water pumping
  • alarms
  • net energy systems
Terrestrial PVC component base monocristalline solar cells
Dimensions, mmCurrent, AEfficiency, %Power, W
Parameters of Kvant modules based on SC with dimension 125x125 mm (pseudo-square)
Quantity, pieces3672
Power, W80160
Voltage, V17,735,5
Dimension, mm1215×555×511600×800×51
Mass, kg8,517,2

Standalone Illumination System for Municipal Objects

The system is intended for illumination as follows:

  • city streets, yards, roadways, (except highways)
  • cultural monuments, parks, bridges, public places
  • stops of municipal transport, refueling stations
  • playgrounds, mini-stadiums
  • police posts, check points and other objects of municipal services
  • information, advertising and other billboards and banners

Self-sufficiency of the system is provided by application of PV system-"solar panel" that charges built-in storage buttery during apparent solar time.

Light source is a street console energy saving lantern for sodium low-pressure lamp. Lamp power is selected in the range 35-55 W depending on the available level of average daily solar irradiation in "winter" time.

Switching on light source is automatic (according to timer or photo-relay with adjustable level of operation) or manual (automatic switch in the locked vandal-proof box, radio-frequency system of remote control). Characteristic of light source operation is continuous.

Additional light source-energy saving projector with power 150 W is supplied optionally.

Switching on additional lights source is automatic (according to timer or photo-relay with adjustable level of operation) or manual (automatic switch in the locked vandal-proof box, radio-frequency system of remote control.) Characteristic if light source operation is repetitive momentary.

Optionally it is allowed to include in the system an electrical socket and protection automat installed in a locked vandal-proof box for use as reserve power supply with voltage 230 V, load power up to 650 W.

Characteristics of Standalone Illumination System for Municipal Objects
Source of electrical powerSolar panel with two PV modules KCM-175
Type of solar cellsMono or-Poly crystalline silicon
Installed power of solar panel350W
Solar panel dimensions1585?1610?35 mm
Weight of autonomous power system (without lightning devices and mast)110 kg
Type of storage battery charge controllerPulse time regulation and trcking if maximum point if solar array output power (MPPT)
Storage batteryLesd-acid storage battery with gelled electrolyte, hermetically sealed, maintenance-free, rated voltage 12 V, capacity 200-250 A h
Location of a storage batteryOn a mast under a solar panel; In a wiring box, at the bottom of a mast
Lightning sourceBasic is low pressure sodium xenon lamp, power 36-55 WAdditional (optonally) low pressure sodium xenon lamp, power 150 W
Light flux5000-7800 lm15000 lm
Time alight18000 hours28500 hours
Estimated time of operation dailyUp to 15 depending on the available irradiation levelIn a standby mode
Class of protection from external conditionsIP65
Recommended height of a mast5-10 meters
1. Solar panel KSM-175 (2 pcs)
2. Panel frame
3. Construction
4. Charge and light controller
5. Assembling board
6. Rechargeable battery
7. Zn-coated octagonal tube
8. Primary HID lantern (Low pressure sodium lamp)
9. Electronics ballast
10. Additional HID lantern (High pressure sodium lamp)

PV Modules KCM

PV modules KCM allow to convert the sunlight into an electric current. The obtained energy is operable as follows:

  • can be used directly by various consumers of DC
  • can be stored in the storage batteries for subsequent application and converting of peak loads
  • can be converted into AC with voltage 220 V powering different consumers of AC

PV modules can be used both in standalone systems as well as in network built-in systems.

Modules KCM application sphere is as follows:

  • the power stations of household and industrial type
  • the telecommunications
  • the pumping stations
  • the navigation systems
  • the signaling systems

Manufacturing of PV modules of KCM type is based on use of the novel technologies and innovational solutions in lay-out field. It is accomplished on modern automated production line providing maximum level of protection of solar cells in complicated climatic and operation conditions.

Each module consists of 72 mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline solar cells 125x125 mm laminated between two sheets of film and protected from front side by hardened glass of high transparancy and from rear side by Tedlar sheet.

Advantages of PV Modules KCM type:

  • stability to mechanical and climatic influence
  • high moisture resistance
  • SC effictency more than 16%
  • rapid installation and maximum protection during operation life
  • operating temperature range from -40 to +90°C
General Characteristics of PV Module KCM type under standart conditions (illimination 1000 W/m², module temperature 25°C, AM 1.5):
Solar Cell TypeKCM-175-1 mono-crystalline silscon; KCM-175-2 mono-crystalline silicon
SC quantity72 (6x12)
Dimentions, mm1585x805x34
Weight, kg16
Type of electrical outputsWires with terminals
Power, W175 ± 5%
Voltage under maximum power, V35,0 ± 5%
Open Circuit Voltage, V43,0 ± 5%
Short Circuit Current, A5,4 ± 5%
Life time, years15 (90%); 25 (80%)

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