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Solar Cells

They are the one of just a few companies building monocrystalline Solar Cells on both P-type and N-type Si. This approach results in the enhanced cell output parameters as well as the wide range of applications, all achieved at low affordable price. Cell structures outlined below:

  • n+- p - p+ - for P-type starting material
  • p+ - n - n+ - for N-type starting material
1 - textured surface with ARC
2 - n+ (p+) - Si
3 - p (n) - Si
4 - p+ (n+) - Si
5 - metall
6 - sun radiation
  • front surface textured
  • <100> wafer orientation
  • back side can be either plain or textured
  • printed contact grids on both sides

Both P-type and N- type cells are transparent to the IR spectrum resulting in slower heat rate and lower cell temperature, which increases cell efficiency.

1 - sun radiation
2 - IR beams

Our company has started producing two-side sensitive Si Solar Cells, both P- and N-type, as a part of the world earliest efforts.

Solar Wind manufactures various pseudo-quadratic cells with the typical dimensions of 103.5x103.5 mm (diametr 125 mm and 135 mm), 125x125 mm (diametr 150 mm), 175150 mm (diametr 200 mm), partial cells are available too.

Typical IV curves:

as measured on 125x125 mm Si cells with high and low resistivity

Temperature Parameters:
Short Circuit Current, [1/°C](0.71 0.13)*10-3
Open Circuit Voltage, [mV/°C]-(1.96 0.15)
Output Power, [1/°C]-(0.55 0.06)*10-2

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