The system comprises mobile sensors carried by patients, PC- or laptop-based data processing system, communicators equipped with processors and built into the mobile sensors, accessories.

Mobile sensor models used in SOYUZ system:

  • MDP-NS-02 for BP and pulse rate measuring
  • VOSKHOD (MDP-NS-02s) for BP and pulse rate measuring
  • MEKG-NS-02s for ECG measuring
  • MEKG-DP-NS-01 for simultaneous ECG and BP measuring

System software capabilities:

  • ECG and BP quality analysis (functional test)
  • automatic analysis of heart rate disorders and cardiac conduction disorders, adjustment of test results by a doctor after talking with the patient
  • time and spectral analysis of heart rate variability
  • analysis of ST segment changes in each registered lead
  • analysis of QT-, PQ- and PR-interval parameters
  • heart rate analysis with artificial pacemaker on
  • analysis of heart rate turbulence
  • analysis of T wave alternans
  • calculation of various BP parameters (time averages, BP variables, 24-hour blood pressure rates, morning BP dynamics, hypotension indicators)
  • analysis and correction of recorded BP readings adjusted for original signals (oscillations and pulse waves)
  • statistical and chronobiological analysis of BP readings
  • compiling, viewing and printing ECG and BP monitoring report
  • compiling and operating a data base of ECG and BP monitoring results

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