Cost-efficient pumping unit control stations (SRNu series)

SRNu series stations are complete low-voltage devices for frequency regulation and control of groups of pumping units at the 3rd and 2nd elevation stations, drainage stations, fans and air compressors. Simplicity and reliability of the stations are assured by the use of built-in functions of PumpMaster series frequency converters, developed by experts of Privodnaya Tekhnika R&D (OJSC) in collaboration with LS Industrial Systems. The station has the capacity of connecting up to four pumping units and automatically maintaining required pressure in the pumping main using frequency cascade control method, with feedback provided by analogue pressure sensor. To even up operating time of individual pumping units, automatic alternation of the units is implemented.

SRNu series stations is one of the best offers in the market in terms of value for money. Implementation of an optimized scheme building upon the extended functionality of PumpMaster frequency converters allowed to create an effective mass product. Clients can receive information about the cost and terms of delivery from managers of Privodnaya Tekhnika R&D in no time, since a standard price list, production procedure and production programme have been designed for the stations.

SRNu series stations are produced for pumps of 5.5 kW to 90 kW capacity.

Options available:

  • two-setpoint operation (day/night);
  • daily and weekly schedule (using pressure control device 3ÐÌ-1-Ï);
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter at the frequency converter input;
  • frequency converter input choke;
  • automatic load transfer (delivered as an external unit);
  • supply current phase control relay;
  • input voltage indication for each phase using analogue voltmeter;
  • motor current one phase indication using analogue current meter;
  • IP54 protection level.

Main functions:

  • automatic maintenance of set pressure at the output of a group of pumps;
  • manual power start/stop of the pumps using switches on the door of the cabinet;
  • automatic alteration of the motors for even operating life;
  • master motor “sleep” mode at minimum speed followed by automatic activation with a change of controlled parameter;
  • electric motor protection from short circuit currents and long-term overload during direct-on-line start;
  • frequency converter protection from short circuit currents;
  • pre-operation warm-up of motor winding by undercurrent (to increase insulation resistance) in case of lengthy downtime (one motor at a time only);
  • number of supported pumping unit connections: 2 to 4;
  • Russified LCD and keyboard on the cabinet door;
  • pressure control precision potentiometer on the cabinet door;
  • protection level: IP21 or IP54;
  • imported and domestic start protection devices;
  • maintenance of operating temperature inside the cabinet by forced ventilation;
  • cable input through cable glands and connection to cable clamps at the bottom or top of the cabinet;
  • operating temperature from –10 to +35°Ñ.

Additional functions provided by use of pressure control device ÇÐÌ-1-Ï

  • automatic maintenance of output pressure of a group of pumps according to daily schedule (24 setpoints for week days and weekends (holidays) separately);
  • possibility to connect one or two analogue pressure sensors;
  • pressure sensor control and fault warning;
  • real-time display of actual pressure in the main;
  • control of and fault warning about unallowable main pressure deviation from set value.

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