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The thermohygrometer consists of a display module and a measurement transducer.

The transducer is mounted onto the display module using a terminal. During control operation the transducer is detached from the display module and installed in a thermostat or a reference humid gas generator. The transducer is connected to the display module by extension cable -1. Installation into humid gas generator Rodnik-2 requires an adapter sleeve. For adjustment, the measurement transducer of the thermohygrometer is connected to a PC COM port using -4 cable.

The thermohygrometer LCD is continuously displaying current air temperature and relative humidity. The display refresh rate is 1 minute. Whenever a button is pressed, the thermohygrometer switches to the fast measurement mode and the display refresh rate changes to 2 sec. After 30 sec. the refresh rate returns to the 1 minute setting.

For subzero temperatures the thermohygrometer measures relative humidity of air by ice or water (as defined during configuration).

The thermohygrometer registers the minimum and maximum values of humidity and temperature together with date and time of such events.

Continuous operating time using one set of batteries (2 type AA batteries) is over 2 years.

The thermohygrometer may be mounted on a wall using a plastic bracket.

Where necessary, a protective cap of porous fluorine is provided for protection form aerosol sprays, dust, and condensation.


  • measurement of microclimate parameters in residential and industrial premises, including museums, archives, libraries, pharmacies, test laboratories;
  • certification of workstations in labour safety centres and State Sanitary-Epidemiological Expertise Centres;
  • control of microclimate parameters in clean production areas in pharmaceutical and electronic industries;
  • control of air humidity in print industry;
  • production storage control.


Dimensions, mm (max.)2470175
Measurement range:
relative humidity, %0...98
temperature, C0...+60
Max. allowable basic absolute error for relative humidity measurement at (232)C, %2
Max. allowable basic absolute error for temperature measurement, C0.5
Max. allowable additional absolute error for relative humidity measurement in case of temperature change by 10C, %1
Max. response time
for relative humidity, min.2
for temperature, min.5

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