Thyristor Valves for SVC

Thyristor valve is the basic element of SVC which regulates the current of TCR and thus the reactive power of SVC. Three-phase thyristor valve consists of three thyristor modules: each module is one phase. Module is an electrically and constructively independent device. Each module has several antiparallel thyristors connected in series. Their quantity depends on SVC rated voltage. Each thyristor has its own control board and damping RC-circuit. Control boards receive the light firing signals and convert them into electric firing pulses. When there is a positive voltage on the thyristor its control board generates the light monitoring pulses and transmittes them to the control cabinet through the fiber optic guides. The thyristors and damping resistors are cooled by the deionized water.

The thyristor valve ratings:

  • Voltage Ц from 10 to 38,5 kV
  • Phase current Ц up to 2000 A
  • Number of series thyristors in the module Ц from 6 to 18

The thyristors used in valves:

  • Silicon Diameter: from 56 to 100mm
  • Operating voltage (Vdrm, Vrrm): from 4.2 to 7.0 kV
  • Rated current (Itav): from 500 to 3000 A

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