Tral 32 ATM mini-DVRs are specially designed for smooth integration with ATMs and successful solution of banking security tasks. CCTV in teller machines is widely used to disclose fraud and vandalism, and to improve security of bank card use by clients during deposit and withdrawal of cash.

Tral 32 ATM is a networked mini-DVR that can be easily embedded into ATMs and operate as a stand-alone device for recording video from up to 4 video cameras to a high-reliable built-in 2.5" HDD.

High compression of the implemented MPEG-4 algorithm allows to store data for up to 3 months on the internal HDD.

The networking capabilities and special software: GPRS Acsess allows to monitor the state of the entire fleet of DVRs installed in ATMs even through low-bandwidth connections (modem, GSM GPRS). That is particularly useful when DVRs are located in different parts of the city, province or country. Through this software, you can view online videos, download interesting piece of video archives, view the events in necessary time period, learn the remaining resource of the hard drive, synchronize time between PC of operator, and DVR.

The HDD built into Tral 3-22 is removable, which means that retrieval and analysis of information is possible in any convenient location, or that the data may be just kept on the drive if the drive is replaced by a new one.

ATM connection uses the serial port and supports the following functions:

  • turning recording of specific cameras on/off in sync with actions executed by the ATM
  • adding text information containing card number, transaction details, date and time to the video
  • synchronization of DVR time with ATM time for convenient archive analysis
  • quick search of the archive by card number, transaction number, date and time, etc.
  • monitoring of the CCTV system using ATM monitoring tools (HDD free space, its remaining life time, overall efficiency of the system, etc.)
ATM DVRinstallation
ATM security camera DVR

Four video inputs of the mini-DVR can be used, for example, to connect 2 or 3 cameras embedded into the ATM and one external surveillance camera.

Networked mini-DVRs Tral are compatible with ATMs manufactured by NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold, BANQ IT and others, also they integrated by default with base software of NCR and Wincor Nixdorf ATMs.

Video qualityMPEG 4, 2CIF
Recording frame rate (max)25 fps
Recording modeManual, Alarm and Schedule
Audio compressionADPCM
Search modeTime, event
Playback speedSlow motion play, FF, Pause, Step forward
Hard disk240Gb, 500Gb
BackupInternal backup, USB backup, Network backup
Video inputs4x BNC (75 Ohm)
Audio inputs2x RCA
External devicesDSUB 9 pin (RS-232/485) supports external control devices
Ethernet port 10/100MbitRJ45
Dimensions180x110x60 mm
Weight900 g. (2.0 lb)
Power supply916 V DC; 7 W
Operation temperature0C +40C (32F +104F)
Relative humidity890% non-condensing (at 60C / 140F)
Operation vibration0.67G (20500 Hz)
Operation shock200G/2ms

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