SRX unmanned ground vehicle solution has been a good platform for developing Tral Patrol security robot going in mass production soon. Robot has been designed for patrolling of specified areas by automatic movement of its intelligent video surveillance system. The robot stops at preselected points optimal for video surveillance and starts scanning the area within 50 meter range looking for moving objects and people. If an object or a person is detected, the video surveillance system focuses its steerable PTZ-camera on it and passes video images to the guard house.

Patrolling and perimeter protection are done in a continuous mode, 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions. The robot is always on duty and ready to interrupt its regular patrolling for visiting an alarming zone. The robot utilizes highly mobile electric chassis that enables safe running along footpaths up to 0.9 m wide, going up and down stairs of up to 14 cm high, and travelling in fresh snow of up to 5 cm deep. Electric motor drives ensure close to noiseless patrolling.

Depending on duration of patrol shifts, area size and a number of observation points one or several robots can be involved in patrolling a specified area. Patrolling can also be made by a group of interconnected robots. Such method helps to avoid overlapping of observation zones and ensures continuous supervision of important directions from different points.

When starting to use robots for perimeter protection it is practical to begin with one robot. This will help to prepare patrol paths, observation and charging points in the most effective way. Technical staff will have time to study and get accustomed to a new machine. When the ground environment is prepared more robots can be involved if necessary.

Tral Patrol security robot is generally used for protection of gas and oil storages, electricity infrastructure facilities, storage facilities, factory sites, areas near country residences, coastal zones near tourist camps and residential communities.

Tral Patrol security robot is one of solutions developed on the basis of SRX unmanned ground vehicle chassis. SMP Robotics Company welcomes co-operation proposals and new challenging application suggestions for our soon to be mass-produced SRX chassis.

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Technical characteristics
Cruising range at +5 °C25km
Speed at daylight autonomous driving4-9 km/h
Speed at night autonomous driving3-6 km/h
Width of patrolling route path1.2 m
Turning radius3.4 m, Max
Max. gradeabilityup to 18°
Vertical wall climb0,14 m
Fordable depthup to 0,12 m
Snow cover depthup to 0,05 m of fresh snow
Dimensions (L x W x H)1369 × 765 × 1550 mm
Unladen weight (with batteries)110 kg
Payload capacity35 kg
Nominal operating temperature range-20 °C ~ +45 °C
Max. operating temperature range-35 °C ~ +55 °C
Differential Rear wheel drive
Drive power supply voltage24 V
Power output400~600 W
Collector brushes life, no less than1,500 hours
LiFePo4 Batteries
Capacity3 × 100 A/h
Cycle life3000
Cycle life at deep discharge750
Single battery dimensions345 × 175 × 240 mm
Weight3 × 14 kg
On-board power supply for mounted equipment50 A/h 12 V
Typical charging time4.5 hours
Quick charging time2 hours
Charger power1 kW, 220 V
Data exchange link (Robot - Tablet Computer)
Wi-Fi protocolIEEE 802.16
Operating frequencies2.4~2.5 or 5.0 GHz
Emergency transmission link (optional)GSM/GPRS

Download Tral Patrol 4.0 brochure

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