Tral Patrol 2 active tracking video surveillance system inside view

In modern surveillance systems speed domes are used often enough. The level of detail this camera can replace several dozen stand alone stationary cameras, allowing to distinguish between a person's face at a distance of 100 meters, but it requires constant operator control. Usually, these cameras are installed in patrol mode on fixed areas and occasionally in the manual mode. Also taking into attention the possible dishonesty of staff, the probability of capture an important event in close-up is very small. Even if in the surveillance system is established a large number of stationary cameras, their resolution does not always allows to produce acceptable recognition of a man.

An active object tracking surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 allows to eliminate the drawback of the contemporary video surveillance systems – absence of detail in remote object images.

The proposed panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 allows you to use all the features of speed dome camera, automatically adjust her lens zoom to object of motion and repeatedly tracking it, providing a recognizable person within a radius of 100 meters.

For guidance on a moving object system uses a stationary camera, the video signal from which is analyzed and evaluated its field of motion. That means panoramic surveillance system knows where all objects are on its field of view, what the objects are, where they have been and then intelligently predicts where they are going to move. The system ranks the objects movement by importance, in accordance with user-defined priority areas of observation. System supports four levels of priority for such zones – “ignore”, “normal”, “attention” and “alarm”. If several moving objects appear in zones with different priority levels speed dome camera zooms to the object at the highest priority area. While the intelligent processors track all moving objects, the dome may accompany only one object at the time or several step by step, dividing the observation time proportionally. Consequently, the system will be most effective in private facilities where necessary to track individual entries. Implementation of the panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 leads to reduction of the number of surveillance cameras necessary to cover a particular territory.

Tral Patrol 2 panoramic survalliance system operating principle

View images from the speed dome camera, archive and system configuration is performed on a local network using free software. When viewing the archive can be searched by time, event, activity in a choosen sector.

The constant camera movement can not be very comfortable for the ongoing monitoring by the operator, but the video frames will have clearly recorded people's faces, numbers of vehicles and similar objects throughout the security area.

Equivalent resolution of the system reaches 800 Megapixel if necessary recording and viewing of only one standard video stream!

Thus, one panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 provides surveillance on the area of ??1 hectare, with details similar to the picture from a standard fixed camera from a distance of 3-5 meters, operating in automatic mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without requiring maintenance and additional costs.

 Tral Patrol 2 model 4-1Tral Patrol 2 model 3-1
Viewing angle360°210°
Number of built in cameras
Speed dome11
Range of recognizers man70 meters70 meters
Interfaces video output from the controlled speed domeAnalog, TV resolution, Compressed digital, Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Supply voltage12 V
Power consumption without heatingLess then 18 W
Power consumption with heatingLess then 36 W
Overall dimensions
Diameter226 mm
The height of a node attachment310 mm
Operating temperature range-30°C…50°C
Weight6.7 kg
Warrantyone-year clock operation

Parameters of compressed video

CompressionH.264 or MPEG4
Frame rate25 frames/sec
Toggle color / B/WAutomatic
Ability to save video onSD HC memory card, USB HDD or external NAS
Users SoftwareMultiVision 2

Parameters speed dome camera

Sensor1/4" SONY Super HAD Color CCD
Sensivity0.4 Lux (Color) / 0.02 Lux (B/W) on 50 IRE, F1.6
Resolution550 lines (Color) / 680 lines (B/W)
Zoom×27 optical + ×12 digital
The rate of change zoom1.8 sec from max to min
Positioning speed1 sec on 360°
View angle55.5°…2.24° horisontal, 
42.5°…1.79° vertical

Parameters of survey cameras

SensorSONY 1/3" Hi-Res Ex-view Super HAD CCD
Sensivity0.0003 Lux (F1,2)
Signal / noiseMore than 48 Db
The total number of pixels752×582
Resolution600 TvL

View images from the panoramic surveillance systems, archive and system configuration is performed on a localnetwork using the free software MultiVision 2.

Bundled software includes the following applications:

  • MultiVision 2 - FilePlayer – archive browser;
  • MultiVision 2 - NetViewer – online video viewer;
  • MultiVision 2 - MsnToAvi – segment encoder into *.avi format;
  • MultiVision 2 - MsnGPS – extractor of GPS tracking information from segments;
  • MultiVision 2 - Options – global settings for all bundled applications.

System requirements:

  • operating system Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • min. processor frequency 2 GHz;
  • min. RAM 1024 Mb;
  • audio and video card (discrete: AGP or PCI-Express);
  • network interface (10/100/1000).

View on-line video from Dome camera: MultiVision 2 - NetViewer

The program interface provides the ability to view images from the dome in real time by many users. Images from the survey cameras are presented in the form of a panorama view, which, for easier navigation marked by a green frame for each fixed camera that enters to the view area of dome camera. Supports up to 12 channels on 1 screen.

Work with Archive: MultiVision 2 - FilePlayer

When viewing the archive can be searched by time, event, activity in a choosen sector.

The constant camera movement can not be very comfortable for the ongoing monitoring by the operator, but the video frames will have clearly recorded people's faces, numbers of vehicles and similar objects throughout the security area.

Setup a panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2

For autonomous operation of panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 is necessary to make it through the setup program interface Patrol Setup. Access to settings Tral Patrol performed by selecting the appropriate item in pop-up menu. Context menu appears when you right-click on the video channel in programs MultiVision 2 - NetViewer and MultiVision 2 - FilePlayer.

Patrol Setup program settings contains three tabs:

  • Dome camera settings ;
  • Review camera settings;
  • System settings.

The settings of dome camera is determined: the parameters of control angle, width of the field of view, network video server settings Tral 5.1 that digitizes video signal from dome.

Review camera settings include: calibration- aiming to combine spaces of fixed and dome camera, adjusting the parameters of motion detection, setting priority zones.

In the panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2, combining space guidance of fixed and dome camera installed at the factory, due to what is guaranteed high precision pointing dome camera at the moving objects. Also, it saves the installer from the long time process of calibration.

Tral Patrol 2 panoramic survalliance system delivery kit contents

The panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2 is a waterproof dome for street performances, including a high-speed dome camera with 27× optical zoom + 12× digital zoom and 4×90° review cameras. All cameras are connected to video processor that analyze information from surveillance cameras and provide speed-dome camera control. Also processor digitize speed dome PTZ camera video for its further transmission to an archive on a network drive. Due to the fact that Tral Patrol 2 have Ethernet interface, user can easily merge few domes into a single local area network.

Because the assembly of products made ?in the factory conditions, the installer gets the opto-mechanical unit that is fully ready to install. Panoramic surveillance system do not require configuration of dome camera and fixed cameras overlapping fields of view. The user need only to mark the priority areas of observation, specify the desired position of rest and the main parameters of the installation

An important feature is that all computation and camera control are held in the video processor which mounted in a dome, so user need PC only for setting up the panoramic surveillance system Tral Patrol 2. During operation system works autonomous and do not require PC or any user intrusion.

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