Remote Alarm Control Module with Line Integrity Checking TS32

TS32 is designed for data acquisition from alarm sensors with outlet of dry contact type. This module is also provides a line checking possibility for every channel. It is a functionally independent module which uses an IEC 60870-5-101 protocol to communicate with the upper level components (eg. MMT, telemechanic server, third party products etc.) TM32 is mounted in DIN-rail closed metal cabinet with dimensions 165x102x31 mm.

Voltage between disconnected sensor outlets24 V
Time resolution1 ms
Timestamp assignment accuracy1 ms
Galvanic isolation break voltage1500 V
Number of channels32

Technical Specifications:

  • Integrated current generator installed on line from module to sensor that allows avoiding distortions on long transmission lines.
  • Permanent line checking from module to sensor (checks for breaks and shortages)
  • Light indication of communication line condition and condition of every alarm
  • Connection to RTU ECOM-TM via IEC 60870-5-101 protocol
  • Precision of module synchronization with both RTU EC- and Operation and Information System
  • Availability of configuration manager that allows setting the device in accordance with site specifications
  • Device programming is performed via RS485 interface using a PC
  • Alarm archives for 1000 events
  • Protection algorithms against chatter and noise in a line
  • Data interchange rate via RS485 port - up to 115 kb/sec
  • Two RS485 ports. Module can be polled by 2 independent systems

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